Haik Kazarian
Our guest was Haik Kazarian, a repat from Canada

Repat Armenia hosted its seventh ‘’Ask Me: Live Q&A’’ event on June 10th starting at 5 pm (GMT+4). Our guest was Haik Kazarian, a repat from Canada. Through a live feed, followers connected with him directly, asking questions in real time about repatriation, life in Armenia and professional integration. 

Watch Live Q&A here

Born in Yerevan Armenia, Haik Kazarian emigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1994 when he was only 6 years old. While balancing both French and English languages throughout his education, he kept his mother tongue by learning both eastern and western Armenian as well as Russian. Haik started working in the sales sector since he was 15 years old and eventually decided to become a social entrepreneur after graduating from uOttawa. 

In 2014 he launched Students for Seniors Inc where students teach seniors how to use modern technology, and in 2018 he decided to return to Armenia for 6 months to test the feasibility of repatriating. 6 months later he tore his ticket back to canada, and is now COO and CMO of Apagacommunity CJSC, making recycling a reality in Armenia.

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