Meet and Greet
The combination of people from Armenia, Canada, USA, Italy, India, Russia, Syria, Lebanon and Iran, brought in over 60 individuals to this event

Repat Armenia hosted its third Meet & Greet event of 2017 at Nairian farm & laboratory sit on the slope of Mount Ara, in a charming village called Aragyugh.

More than 60 repats, expats and locals reunited to see Nairian's entire production process from beginning to end: plant cultivation, essential oil distillation, cosmetic formulation, packaging and how medicinal herbs and flowers are turned into all-natural cosmetics.

Nairian was founded in 2012 by Ara and Anahit Markosian, who had repatriated to Armenia from the USA. 

Nairian bases its formulas on principles of aromatherapy and rigorous scientific research. Offering a comprehensive line of cosmetic solutions for all skin types and conditions, it products never contain harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

For more photos you can view here.
We look forward to seeing you during our future events!

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