Gevorg Avetisyan
Let's put Armenia on the map of “Educational Travel Destination”

Save the date as your August of 2017 is going to be EPIC!

Sure, there can be a lot of reasons to look back and remember your epic moments in Armenia, but that’s not even closer to what you have to expect from this summer. 

Without further ado, let’s dig into the details with Gevorg Avetisyan, the co-founder of the EPIC International Summer School, the one of a kind project not only in Armenia, but also in the Region, which is going to take place in August of 2017 in the city of Tsaghkadzor.

Gevorg, you have initiated a unique project which gives the opportunity to explore Armenia from a different perspective. How did you come up with the idea?
You always need a driving force for doing something. There were several reasons that drove us to the realization of this project: many stereotypes, which are the results of the communication gap inside and outside, the lack of non-formal education and old, non-productive methods of formal education in universities. 

Also, there is this stereotype, that Armenia is attractive mostly for elderly people, who enjoy ‘’Cultural and Historical Tourism’’. Our goal is to put Armenia on the map of the “Educational Travel Destination”, which will engage many young travelers who seek interesting and unique destinations to be educated by modern and high qualified trainers and professors, take part in numerous events and entertainments, be inspired by the experiences of successful individuals,  make lifelong relationships which will lead to the new, world shaping initiatives starting from Armenia. 

Despite these facts, we have the intellectual heritage and the potential to step up in the world with our science, sports, arts and culture, innovation technologies, new ideas and the real prove to that is our scientists, who are conquering the leading positions of world science and innovation. That’s why in partnership with ‘’USC Armenia’’ youth organisation and ‘’Armenia Travel’’ company, our intention is to become the new platform for the educational tourism, make Armenia famous for its non-formal education, scientific heritage and plant the seeds of the future ‘’ambassadors’’ of Armenia, who will return to their countries and share the experience they had during the summer school. 

EPIC stands for ‘’Educate, Play, Create, Inspire’’. Who can be educated and inspired during the EPIC? Are there any criterias of choosing participants?
Over 300 students from all around the world are going to take part in it, 50 of them will be students from Armenia, we will also have 50 participants from the Diaspora. There are participants from Canada, US, Europe, Russia and other countries. Students fill in the applications, they pass the interviews and they choose their courses. No age restrictions, no special criterias, except for the knowledge of English, which is the working language. 

The key element in summer schools is the trainers. Who are they?
Based on cooperation with 10 leading universities in Armenia, we have experienced trainers from these universities. We have also invited trainers from different countries, as well as our students will have the opportunity to meet world famous scientists like Garik Israyelyan, who is shaping the future of science, sport trainers, artists and etc. We are also cooperating with foundations, which operate in and out of Armenia, 4 ministeries, companies, so the engagement is on a high level.

So, as a completely objective 3rd party outside, with no personal interest in the matter (well, right), I’m giving you 10 reasons why you should be the part of EPIC International Summer School.

Well, call them ‘’Smart and Young and Free Reasons’’ 


1. You can choose your course
During the 21 days, each student has an opportunity to participate in more than one course, having the course he has chosen beforehand as a main one. The programs of the courses have been designed by doctors, professors and docents of leading universities. 

Most of the selected ones have special importance, as today the dictators in these fields in the world are Armenian scientists.

The list of the courses includes physics, chemistry, information technology, medicine, political science, business, art, etc..

2. You can find your potential investor
Well, let’s get into the details. During the Startup day working groups will be formulated. These groups will generate a startup idea, present it to the EPIC team and the winner will get the investment. The only requirement is that the Startup should make its first steps in Armenia and then only expand its territory.

3. You can afford it.
Despite the fact, that it is one of a kind project in the Region, it’s very affordable also. Prices for 21 days of education in EPIC international summer school start from 970 Euros. It covers your transfers to the campus and back to the airport, accommodation, full board meals, events, 3 excursions, entrance fees to the museums, usage of facilities inside the campus. Isn’t that great in comparison with other summer schools where you pay more than 2000 Euros? I think it is.


4. You can challenge yourself AKA International Cuisine Day
Sometimes it can be hard to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, make new friends, learn about new things. But for those, who like to challenge themselves, experience new emotions, discover hidden treasures and be a great team player, this is the right place to be. But, please, it’s crucial not to mess with the recipe. Food is life, remember that. 

5. ‘’Mens sana in corpore sano’’  AKA Sport Activities
It’s not only about training your brains, you need to train your muscles too. Get used to that. The campus you will stay in has all the facilities for different activities, so be prepared.


6. Rock at the Rock Festival
Music of freedom will be represented by different rock groups from Armenia, Georgia, Iceland, Europe and more. Start picking your outfit.

7. You are going to visit the best museums. 
Yes, Armenia is an open air museum, but still it has a lot of interesting actual museums to visit. You are young and smart and free, so that’s why you visit museums.  

8. National Costume Fashion show
You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a fashion show, learn about different countries’ national costumes, be a fashion guru for a night, bring your own national costume and represent your country’s traditions, so please, train your walk. 

9.  Beating a famous chess grandmaster ?
It’s Armenia, you just can’t do without chess here. So, you will have chess courses during the summer school, which will end up with a simultaneous display by a famous grandmaster.

10. Care about the Environment?
You’ll be in one of the oldest countries of the world, the Land of Noah and here you will be in harmony with the environment. You are going to generate your ideas and organise your activities regarding the environmental issues with your team during the summer school. 

Would like to add many other reasons too, but will let participants do that after their experience with EPIC and with Armenia. 


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