I’d like to say that Armenia is a land of opportunity, and not only in design, but also in other industries.

‘’Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision’’.
                                                                                                       -Peter F. Drucker.

We’ve all thought about having our business, which will lead us to a prosperous and successful life, make us feel great for our accomplishments and let us be the part of the history. 

But, at the end of the day, who has the idea and takes the first step or who sees the failure as an opportunity for the new intelligent beginning? Yes, the ones, who think big and do a smart work. 

Vasken Brudian is one of those dreamers. A repat from California and the founder of Ardean design has created the new era for Armenian cultural heritage preservation and modernisation by giving a new spirit to it. 

I visited Vasken’s office at TUMO wondering about his secrets for a successful business in Armenia.  I was expecting some difficult codes, but the answer was simple: simplicity, harmony, opportunity. If you know me, you can conclude that this wasn’t enough for me. I needed secrets, all the details and, of course, Vasken finally gave up.

Here are Vasken Brudian’s 5 secrets of a successful business in Armenia.

Have a unique idea
You must understand what you really want and make everything clear in your mind. You need to know what you can do the best, what is your passion and what is valuable. There is no point in duplicating other works if you can start your own genuine notions. I’ve always admired Armenian cultural history. In my opinion, it’s very hard not to do so. We can see how many bright minds and geniuses we had, what we’ve created, how we’ve changed the history of humanity, architecture and the design.

I am an architect designer, I have a background that let me to come up with the idea. I think Ardean has revived old Armenian artifacts. I believe, the specimens and samples we see at museums, in books can be used in everyday life, and I suppose that Ardean can succeed in viewing them as a lifestyle and presenting it as a modern, Armenian product.” 

Have a vision
Vision is your driving force. The vision is to make Armenia a design center, and we’re not talking about just Ardean. Ardean can be an example for others to move forward with their concepts. You can do anything you set your mind to it, for your country’s sake, and for your own sake.

I’d like to say that Armenia is a land of opportunity, and not only in design, but also in other industries. Whenever we give it a small chance, it seizes the opportunity to help flourish the idea. I encourage the Armenian Diaspora to have a positive outlook, any industry can be developed with your help. 

Have a great team
Team, who has the same vision, shares the same values and believes in it’s success is the most crucial part. It’s really hard to find those kind of individuals, but once you do, your business goes with the right path. The reason I think Armenia can be a great design center is because we have so many young and brilliant people with a lot of capability, and we can make great designers out of these young ones.

Most of my employees have either been my students, or have previously worked with me at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. Every decision that is made concerning the designs, the production, the shipment of the product, or, basically anything, is done with the help of my employees, with whom I’ve started the company. 

Yeva, one of my co-workers, used to be a trainer at TUMO. She was also my assistant when I first arrived from Los Angeles. Thus began our design courses, which later evolved to be Ardean. Edward was a student and took part of the workshops and later, joined us as well. As for creating our designs, Yeva and Edward do have a direction with which they are guided, but no specific colors or arrangements, they have no boundaries in that area.

The enthusiasm was what initially attracted Edward, it was as if he couldn’t imagine such opportunities were provided in Armenia, an idea that can be taken as far as possible. 

“Ardean showed me a new way to assess Armenian designs,” says Yeva. “It came to point that I was tired of seeing the same patterns everywhere, it looked as if they’d just copy-paste it. Now I can see the differences, and I really do value our designs.”

As Edward says, ‘’We complete each other. We always remember that we are a team, and everyone is included when it comes to making decisions’’.

Enjoy the process
Remember, not everything goes according to the plan, so make sure you are ready to deal with different things, lack of this and that, just be open-minded and positive. The process creates the final results, so responsibility, ability to solve any issue and overcome the challenges is one of the most important characteristics of a great team and a successful business.

Your works must be presented in the correct setting and environment.
For every business, a good marketing is a life-changer. You should find those companies and individuals, who love what you do and believe in your vision. So far, we’ve had exhibitions in Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Yerevan, Tufenkian Gallery in the US, UWC in Dilijan, and plus, the staging of our designs which took place in New York, and then, at Opera in Yerevan.

We have stores in Los Angeles, at Zvartnots International Airport’s duty free, and are also cooperating with Cafesjian Center. We have our website, where you can find everything you need, which is available to every part of the world, also we are very active on our social media platform. And this is just the beginning. 

Only hard work, faith and intention to do something valuable can gain your success. Think what you want to do, find your great team and move to Armenia. This is the place, where your dreams can come true and make you the part ofArmenia now!

Posted byRima Yeghiazarian
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