Repat Armenia Integration Manager
I decided to set a productive at-home routine and keep the interactive nature of our organization alive

The global Coronavirus pandemic has altered our lives completely. We are currently in a state of emergency and the most effective way to fight this pandemic is to stay home. As the Integration Manager of Repat Armenia, my job requires a lot of interaction and communication with repats and potential repats on a daily basis. As a naturally social person, being surrounded by people brings me a lot of joy. 

When the government decided to lock down the country for our safety, our office, which is located at Impact Hub Yerevan in the AGBU building, closed to follow the procedure.
Repat Armenia Team meeting

Team meeting with our Community Manager Tamar, Program Manager Rima and Co-founder/Executive Director Vartan

I am very grateful to have the convenience of working from home without suffering financially. Yet, adapting to this current situation has not been easy, especially during the first few days of adjustment. Pre-quarantine, I was used to a highly dynamic office routine. I dedicated three times a week for meetings to welcome newcomers, potential repats, and partner organizations. I set time aside for Skype calls with Armenians of the diaspora and I also focused my efforts on organizing networking events for our community members. As Repat Armenia’s intended impact and community efforts rely on engaging with people every single day, I decided to set a productive at-home routine and keep the interactive nature of our organization alive. 

Whatsapp call with repat

Whatsapp call with a potential repatriate from the US.

Staying indoors is not the most encouraging to wake up early and start a workday. To overcome this obstacle, I set up early morning Skype calls with repats. This way, it motivates me to get up an hour earlier and be prepared for the interviews. Next, I catch up on my emails, follow up with repats, complete the rest of my tasks, and wrap up the day with a second round of calls. Anytime I get distracted or feel the urge to procrastinate, I take an exercise break and then get back to work.  Perhaps the biggest motivation during these tough times is the repats’ strong will to turn their dream of living in Armenia into a reality. Having this virtual connection and being able to support them inspires me and makes me appreciate every moment of my quarantine days. 

During the second week of quarantine, we decided to host a live Q&A “Repat Talks” to support the #StayHome movement. This series provides an outlet for our repats and expats to share their quarantine experiences, talk about their days, discuss how they turn their time productive whether or not they work from home, and hopefully bring some humor into your self-quarantine with their experience and interesting tips.
#RepatTalks: Stay at Home with David Bequette and Irina Ghaplanyan.

Until this situation comes to an end and we win the fight, tune in to our “Repat Talks” series from your at-home work stations, couches, and living rooms to brighten up your quarantine days. We are home alone, but we are home alone together. As our Repat Armenia team is more than happy to answer any of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] To stay up-to-date with the daily news regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, follow our trusted sources: Ministry of Health, Infocenter, and EVN Report for English speakers. We wish you health, safety, and a peaceful quarantine as you take care of yourselves from the comforts of your homes. 

Stay home, stay safe!
Dzovag Soghomonian
Integration Manager at Repat Armenia Foundation

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