Karen Karapetyan
Greenhouse businesses will enjoy preferential prices for natural gas

Karen Karapetyan, Armenian prime minister, presented a comprehensive agriculture reformation program at a session on Wednesday, the government’s press office reports.   
As key components of the reform, he singled out minimization of spending, struggle against natural disasters, effective consumption of water resources, introduction of advanced technologies and formation of an applied consulting system.

The program will lay groundwork for creation of intensive gardens and will also contribute to development of small medium and large farms.

The government will allocate lending subsidies and loans will be provided to farmers for seven years at a five-percent interest rate.   

Transition to drop irrigation system is implied in the program as well. A government program has been worked out for that – three-year loans will be provided to farmers at a two-percent interest rate.  

Leasing of agricultural machinery will become more affordable to farmers. 

“If a 20-percent prepayment is made, we offer leasing loans at a two-percent interest rate for three to ten years, depending on types of the machinery,” Karapetyan said. 

Greenhouse businesses will enjoy preferential prices for natural gas. Preferences apply also to canneries and producers of drinks and dairy products. 

In his words, subsidiaries will be increased. 

“The increased subsidies will allow farmers to borrow 3 to 10 million drams instead of the former 3 million at a five-percent annual interest rate,” the premier said. 

He also spoke about deployment of hail-suppressing systems and creation of an effective consulting system.   

“By taking all these steps we are not only solving social problems, but are also creating an up-to-date, profitable and industrial agriculture,” he said.

Source: arka.am

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