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Government Assistance for Covid-19

It’s been quite some time since the government declared a State of Emergency on March 16. Since then, multiple assistance programs have been created to help mitigate the consequences of the forced self-quarantine. The State Commission overseeing the state of emergency has set up several hotlines that will operate 24-hours a day for people to call if they have any questions.

Hotline: 8141
For those living abroad: +374 11208141
For health-related questions: 060 838300

Since the beginning, all establishments allowed to operate, and those were much fewer until the latest easing of restrictions, must:
- Provide all employees with medical masks and disinfectants;
- Regularly disinfect their premises and undertake measures to provide the necessary sanitary conditions;
- Eliminate crowding and manage all queues.
- Multiple other rules have also been added. Make sure you comply!

However, the economic stimulus project helps cover the costs of keeping an establishment going in this crisis. Reminder: Supermarkets have been called upon to only serve the elderly from 10-12 in the mornings. Youth should stay away during these periods to protect those older from illness. 

Package #1 allows any private commercial organization or private entrepreneur with a good credit and at least one business activity in Armenia over the past year to apply for government assistance in six areas: payroll, taxes, purchase/import of raw materials, import of equipment and supplies, service payment, food import. Each entity shall be provided up to AMD 500 million under one support instrument in the form of a loan, while the maximum amount of co-financing or refinancing is AMD 250 million. The maximum actual annual interest rate on loans will range from 0% to 6% depending on the instrument used.

Package #2 ensures 0% interest on loans taken out for agricultural programs. If you have a business in agriculture, it’s worth checking out the details here. A 3-12 month grace period.   

Package #3 provides assistance to entrepreneurs operating in 
- The processing industry
- Accommodation and public catering
- Fleets and warehousing
- Tourismand other services, with annual turnover of 24-500 million drams. Supportive lending shall be provided for eligible expenses for a period of up to 36 months, the interest rate being 0% in the first two years and 12% per annum in the third year. 6-month grace period.

Note: Those applying for assistance foreseen by the second and third packages can call the following hotlines: 8105 and 041010523 open work days from 9am to 6pm The website is 

Package #5 was created for responsible employers who had between 2 and 50 employees that they didn’t fire or reduce payroll for, the emplyees working from January 1-April 1, 2020, at the least. This provides a grant at approximately 20% of the total salary fund. The calculations are based on the number of employees. 

Package #6 aims at helping newly registered private entrepreneurs who registered January 1, 2020, the earliest. They shall be offered a lump sum of 68,000 AMD if they have lost their job as of March 13. This is only for those who had a monthly salary under 500k AMD in the 2 months before dismissal and who are not currently employed or even self-employed elsewhere.

Package #8 targets a large number of beneficiaries who have been affected in the following fields: Hotel services, public catering services, tourism services, hairdressing and beauty salon services, retail services outside pharmacy and food. Lump-sum assistance will be provided hre depending on one’s salary, up to 136,000 AMD. 

Package #10 is aimed at helping microbusinesses, specifically owners of a family business in 2019, those not registered as individual entrepreneurs in 2019, and those who were unregistered in 2019 but applied for a micro-business license after January 1, 2020. They can receive a 1-time financial assistance amounting to 10% of the revenue generated from sales of goods and services between January 1 and April 1, up to a cap of 136,000 AMD

Social Assistance:

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in collaboration with the Armenian Red Cross has put together one- and three-month food and hygiene packages available for 1400 citizens in need. The packages will mainly go to elderly people living alone and people with disabilities including Syrian-Armenian refugees and people in social housing.

Package #4 is of the social nature, providing 100k AMD for each child under 14 years of age considered a minor where either 1.) both parents were fired from their jobs as of March 13-March 25, 2.) where one parent was fired in this period while the other didn’t have a job or 3.) the one fired in this time frame was a single parent (divorced or widowed)

Package #7 is also meant for the average citizen, its beneficiaries being pregnant women between 12-34 weeks who did not have a job as of March 30 and whose husband lost his job or simply did not have a job after March 13. Single pregnant women are also eligible. Those who match the criteria are eligible for a one-time 100k AMD assistance. 

Package #9 sees families with at least one child under the age of 18 as its beneficiaries, where both parents, or single parent, did not have a registered job as of March 12 and was not given temporary employment after that. A stipend of 26,500 AMD will be provided per child. To be eligible, the family must be permanent residents of Armenia, and the parent(s) must not have had permanent or temporary employment between January 1 and March 1 where the average monthly salary exceeded 500k AMD. 

Packages #11 and #12 aim to help citizens with their bills. If in the month of February, your gas was up to 10k AMD and electricity up to 5k AMD, the government will automatically cover 50% of the bill. If it was already paid, your March bill should have been deducted. If your gas was up to 30k and electricity up to 10k, then there was an automatic 30% reduction to your bill. It is unclear as of yet if the same will be for March bills. 

Package #13 is for socially disadvantaged families who get an additional 50% of the amount of their social benefit, 70% of which is provided in cash and 30% to be paid for the energy consumed by the beneficiary. Households entitled to family and social benefits as of April 2020 are also eligible for this package. No need to apply.

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