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I am not saying just take Armenia's side. I am saying learn about the conflict, see who's right and then take Armenia's side
While you sit and enjoy the good weather and a rose sangria, I, as Ego requested in Ratatouille, have a little perspective on the menu.

War has started in Armenia. The cities of are slowly being emptied of men of justifiable health and thousands of volunteers are now leaving their families, jobs and education to defend the borders of #Armenia and #Artsakh.

Azerbaijan and Armenia have been fighting for Artsakh for 32 years, an Armenian-populated enclave between the two countries. Ownership of ancient land is difficult to define - so I will not spend time writing about it. What I can say is that Armenia wants Artsakh with the population (which by the way is Armenian), Azerbaijan wants Artsakh without ...(quote from Nikol Pashinyan)

The political image is smeared into propaganda, hatred, lobbying, spins, and powerful third parties exploiting the situation for their own needs. It may be difficult to understand but here is a muddy overview:

Azerbaijan has oil that the United States makes money on; Russia earns money by selling natural gas to Armenia; Turkey (then the Ottoman Empire) committed genocide on the Armenians in 1915, killed half the population and has, unfortunately, with the deranged dictator Erdogan the same goal today. Incidentally, Russia is selling arms to both parties and Turkey is starting or continuing war with almost all of its neighbors.

Turkey and Azerbaijan are insanely good friends. So much so that Turkey is sending drones, missiles, and weapons plus about 4,000 jihadists from Syria they have hired on contract to fight against Armenia.

Everyone asks me to write objectively about the situation, that the perspectives are diverse and that we must remember to include all points of view. That's actually ok for me.

For Azerbaijan has shut down all social media for the people except Twitter (where the state posts propaganda) and denies access to all foreign journalists who can provide an objective insight into the situation. Two good signs that they want to control their own oil-powered propaganda machine for its citizens.

As the wise people say, "I'm not saying just take Armenia's side. I'm saying learn about the conflict, see who's right and then take Armenia's side." (@Sheeerak)

Turkey and Azerbaijan, on either side of Armenia are on their knees. Their economy is plummeting and Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan, is spending a lot of energy and time blaming the Armenians for the declining strength of their country.

An excellent trick which by the way was used very effectively the guy from Germany we do not mention starting with "Hitler" and ending with "for God's sake do not let the Armenians be mass murdered again".

For those interested, I am safe and secure. We watch television and look for the names of our family and friends among the soldiers killed.

By the way, I got some new sweet neighbours in my apartment. Refugee children from Artsakh.
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