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As we continue to be in a deep festival season, here is our ''July To Do List in Armenia''

June was bursting with various festivals and open-air concerts. We survived Sheep Shearing festival, Artsakh Airfest, #HamovHotovYerevan2017, Yerefun Fest, even celebrated international yoga day and drank some tea at the Chinese Tea Festival. Long story short, the country kept us busy, entertained and energized. 
As we continue to be in a deep festival season, here is our ''July To Do List in Armenia''

Haybuis Armenian Herb Festival - July 1-2, Yenokavan

Haybuis Armenian Herb Festival celebrates its third year of exploring unique varieties of herbs growing in the astonishing nature of Armenian paradise known as Yenokavan village located in Tavoush region. 
From July 1 to July 2 under the motto ‘’We protect what we love. We love what we know’’, the festival offers a long list of educational activities, accompanied with the live music of famous bands like Puzzles' 5 Pieces, Miqayel Voskanyan & Friends, and Tonatsuyts Folk Theater. You’ll also have the opportunity to play with the time machine and feel the spirit of history and art with the help of Photo Atelier Marashlyan
Also, be prepared and take your hiking shoes with you, the second day is all about hiking in paradise. 

National Symbol Day - July 5, Yerevan

One of Armenians favourite holidays National Symbol Day will take place on July 5 starting with the traditional march from the Freedom Square at 7.30pm. Three colored hot air-balloon will fly in the sky as an announcement of the march, which will be accompanied with RA military orchestra,  AGBU scout orchestra, RA police orchestra, and the drummers of ''Yerevan Drums''. Don't miss this bright three colored festival, put on your three colored outfit and let's celebrate. 

GastROAD OFF - July 1, 9, Tsaghkunyats Lake, Aghveran

Gastro-tourism is one of the worldwide popular ways of tourism with it’s authentic memorable culinary experiences one can have while traveling. According to National Geographic, Armenia is one of the 6 countries for the food lover to travel. So, for those, who seek some gastro-treatment from Armenia, on July 1 and 9 don’t miss the opportunity to have one day trip to Tsaghkunyats lake, located near the mountains in Aghveran with GastROAD OFF.

Green Tour To Karin Nursery - July 6, Karin Village

Celebrate the colors of the season in one of Armenia's best kept green secrets in ATP's tree nursery in Karin village on July 6. You will get an up-close introduction to the different species of trees and shrubs which ATP propagates and prepares for planting. You'll also get to see exotic flowers in full bloom and even learn how to give trees proper care.

Ecotourism Festival 2017 - July 8, Artavan Village, Vayots Dzor

Vayots Dzor region is a paradise on earth for winemakers and all of those, who like to be amazed with the natural treasures. Ecotourism festival 2017 is a perfect opportunity to explore Armenia's ecotourism potential, to learn about and try ''Made in Armenia'' agricultural and tourism products, to hike the trail, to bike, to horseride, to stargaze, to have some yoga and a tea party, to play the team-building game called ''Treasure Hunt'' and my personal favorite, to watch butterflies. So many activities for July 8-9 at Artavan village. Save the date!

Yerevan Color Run 2017 - July 16, Yerevan

The most beautiful and colorful event of the year Yerevan Color Run is going to happen on July 16 for the third time! This year the run will take place in the heart of Yerevan, on the Republic Square. 
Yerevan Color Run will  support 2 charity projects: Construction of the open air sport ground for street workout in the Yerevan city center, and “ Life Road” charity project initiated by Tereza Mkhitaryan. The project aims at construction of 34km safe road Ijevan-Berd direction that connects Shamshadin area with other regions of Armenia. 

Mulberry and Raspberry Festivals - July 1, 22, Goris and Sisian

Mulberry festival will take place in Goris on July 1 starting from 1pm, while Raspberry festival will take place on July 22 at 12pm in Ashotavan, Sisian. Both festivals will be accompanied with traditional music and dances, interesting and funny activities in a beautiful mulberry-raspberry heaven. 

Vartavar 2017 - July 23, Everywhere

It’s a proved fact, that the life before and after Vartavar is two different things. This year we will celebrate it on July 23. You can make it either to Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery to feel the pagan holiday’s real spirit or party hard in the Lake Sevan, or maybe stay in Yerevan and celebrate Vardavar at Swan Lake

Whatever you choose, you will get soaked to the bones with 100% certainty, but don’t worry, there is a special survival guide for you, so make sure to check it out.

10th Pan Homenetmen Games - July 22-29, Yerevan

More than 1,200 athletes and participants in 10th Pan Homenetmen Games will compete with each other in different sports from July 22-July 29 with an opening and closing ceremonies in the Republic Square of Armenia. Don't miss the chance to follow young sportsmen/women in Soccer, BasketBall, Volleyball, Tennis, Futsal, Table Tennis, Swimming, Chess, Track & Field games and enjoy the Homenetmen spirit in the air. 

Lenduta - July 29, Gyumri

On July 29 Gyumri will host one of the interesting festivals of July ''Art & Craft Festival''. The festival will revive the traditional Aleksandrapol-Gyumri spirit and Gyumretsis will represent what they were and are still good at. Tranditional craft shows, dances and music will entertain everyone.

It’s time for music festivals!

Картинки по запросу music festival photo to use
Well, everybody has crazy summer party memories of Yerevan, a city, where you never know how the day will end and, most importantly, when it will start. 
For all those party people out there, July offers a large variety of music festivals to spend a quality time in and out Yerevan. Here are some of them!

Rock Music Live At Freedom Square - July 1, Yerevan

Rozen Tal, Nemra, Adana Project,  Empyray are the rock bands, which deserve our attention. Young, talented and enthusiastic individuals are quite popular among Armenia’s rock-lovers. Rock is in the air on July 1st from 7.30-11pm at Freedom Square, Yerevan. The entrance is free.

Yellowstones at Arevik Lounge - July 2, Yerevan

One of my absolute favourite Armenian music bands ‘’Yellowstones’’, a perfect combination of blues, rock’n roll, taste and creativity, is performing on July 2 at Arevik Launge located in Babayan 3 street, Yerevan. The entrance is free, so don’t you dare miss it.

Open Air Concert ‘’Tap Chka’’ - July 2 to August 26, Yerevan

Yes, Cascade is our top 1 summer spot: countless cafes, people, modern art, breathtaking view and for July, ‘’Tap Chka’’ open-air concerts.

‘’Tap Cka’’ concerts, initiated by the Ministry of Culture of RA, will take plays on every weekend from July 2 to August 26 starting at 8pm. Rock, pop, jazz, folk music and open-air movie screenings will welcome everyone to join in for free. 

Rock concert at AYB - July 2, Yerevan

AYB is the place, where geniuses are growing, playing, studying and of course, having a rock concert with the famous Armenian rock bands Nemra, The Windrose, Lav eli and DOGMA for free. The concert is initiated by AYB’s Art Studio students. The attendees will also get the opportunity to learn more about them, as they will represent posters, made and designed specially for the concert. July 2, from 6-8pm, don’t forget!

Nvak 2017. Open air concert - July 7, Yerevan

Can we just take a moment and thank TUMO for everything it does? Thank you!

A Live concert presenting the results of the Nvak music program at Camp TUMO is going to take place on July 7 at Moscow Cinema. The teens in the program have been working hard developing their skills with Tamar Mardirossian, Andrew Fox, Evan Feist and H.A. DerHova and it's all going to pay off when they perform at the one and only Moscow Cinema Summer Hall!

Also, local musicians are invited to bring their instruments and jam with the performers. You guessed it right, the entrance is free. 

Dilijan Music Fest - July 15, Dilijan

On July 15, one day, 12 hours of non stop Pop Electro Music with local and invited DJs at Impuls Dilijan, located near the town. What you’ll need? Just RSVP, prepare your outfit and be ready to rock it like never before.

Fly Project At Yerevan Mall - July 20, Yerevan

There is always something cool to listen to at Yerevan Mall. This time it’s Fly Project’s free concert on July 20 starting at 8pm. As the event’s official page doesn’t contain detailed information for now, I’ll save this link for the future updates. 

Stay tuned and rock the summer of 2017!

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