Non-Smoking Places in Yerevan: 2019 Edition
The hunt for non-smoking places continues

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The hunt for non-smoking places continues. I’m sorry to tell everyone that not many non-smoking places have been opened since 2017, but that doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge the ones that have been established since. More and more people have been demanding smoke-free places where they can enjoy themselves without becoming secondhand smokers, and this is only impacting Yerevan positively. We encourage all business owners to include non-smoking areas or have days when smoking is not allowed to have more people like us to visit (we really don’t like doing laundry every night). With delicious food and pleasant drinks accompanying the smoke-free spaces, here are some of the new and old ones I like best:

1. Adzoukh


I am not ashamed to say that I have shamelessly binged at Adzoukh with my family because I couldn’t decide between a grilled chicken sandwich, tabbouleh, fattoush, hummus and fries with garlic sauce. The food here is no joke. This mouth-watering Western-Armenian barbeque joint is heaven for me. As a person who treats food sacredly, I find it appalling when people add ketchup or mayonnaise in sandwiches they don’t belong. Adzoukh has the same attitude, everything is prepared to perfection. This non-smoking place has it all: vegetarian and vegan options, different kinds of meat sandwiches, salads, and soups. And why is called “Adzoukh”? The barbeque is prepared the good old-fashioned way: on charcoal. So, not only are you staying true to your roots and enjoying the food of the gods, but you’re also not coughing on your food.

Address: 20 Yeznik Koghbatsi St.

2. Sherep Restaurant


Ever since its opening at the end of 2017, Sherep was quick to become a favorite among locals and tourists. Located in the heart of Yerevan, you can see the preparation process of each dish to distract you from waiting for your food. Sherep isn’t fully smoke-free, but it has a non-smoking area for you to enjoy meals with your friends and family. The most Instagrammable dessert is found here - the “Broken Flower Pot”, and it has a wider variety of vegan options than other restaurants. With a hospitable staff and musicians entertaining you in the evenings, what more could one when enjoying a meal?

Address: 1 Amiryan St.

3. Wine Republic

Wine Republic

I’ve mentioned Wine Republic before and I’ll gladly do it again. Wine Republic is where we end up when we’re unable to compromise on where to eat. Seafood, Thai food, and burgers (yes!) are all served here. As the name suggests, Wine Republic has a wide selection of both local and global wines. I have personally devoured a burger from here in less than 3 minutes, and trust me when I tell you it wasn’t because I was hungry. The food here is amazing, the music is awesome, the wine is excellent and the place is smoke-free.

Address: 2 Tamanyan St.

4. Gouroo Club & Garden


Walking into this place automatically makes you feel 100% healthier. Gouroo Club & Garden is a gourmet cuisine that’s all about being health conscious. Everything here is organic, so obviously, it’s a smoke-free place. It’s located in a historical building, and the entire area is gorgeous and spacious. My favorite thing on the menu is their smoothies - fresh and fruity and everything in between. If you want to spend family time with your kids, Gouroo Club & Garden is where you should go.

Address: 13 Saryan St.

5. Fourchette


Fourchette is my go-to place when I can’t decide what to eat. The buffet has a lot of variety: pizza, sushi, salad, cutlet, pilaf, sandwich, dessert, the list goes on. With a wide variety like theirs, vegans and vegetarians have nothing to worry about. It’s fast, it’s filling, it’s affordable and it’s smoke-free. Most employees and university students have lunch here because the location is perfect and the place is incredibly spacious. I myself have had food from here countless times with my university friends and have not had a single complaint. Long story short, give it a try, you won’t smell like smoke later.

Address: 12 Amiryan St.
                Stepan Zoryan St./ 31 Moskovyan St.

6. Limone Cascade


All I have to say about Limone Cascade is that it’s Italian and it already has your attention. Needless to say, Italian cuisine is my favorite, and at Limone, you get to have a true Italian experience in Yerevan. To make myself sound a lot cheesier, the pizzas here and the pasta are to die for. On hot summer days, I enjoy drinking the mint lime smoothie to make me feel refreshed again. The place is pretty, the staff is very friendly, and literally everything about this place is pleasant.

Address: 3/81 Tamanyan St.

7. Bookinist Cafe

bookinist cafe

We lost a bookstore-cafe last year, but luckily, Bookinist branched out and opened a cafe last November. The calm environment is perfect for studying, working, preparing group projects, reading and everything that requires concentration. I usually make myself at home here when I get tired of looking for books (seriously, buying a book isn’t easy when you don’t know what you want). The cafe is not only a smoke-free place, but it’s also perfect for organizing debates, discussions, and having book club meetings. It’s always nice to be surrounded with books and breathable air, right?

Address: 20 Mashtots St.

8. Pitstop Burger

pitstop burger

You’re lying if you say you haven’t had a burger from here at 1:00 am. Pitstop Burger has been satisfying my midnight burger cravings since 2015 and god bless their soul for that. The food here is timeless, you can never get tired from eating at Pitstop. It’s one of those places that will always be there when you hungry and lonely; Pitstop doesn’t judge you when you eat a burger under 2 minutes or have 3 burgers in a row. I recommend everyone to have the zinger, soojookh, American burger, and hummus sandwich for vegans and vegetarians. I mean, you can never go wrong with hummus. And always, ALWAYS ask for the garlic sauce. If you’re not going to smell like a 60-year old smoker, then you’d better reek of garlic.

Address: 37 Pushkin St.

9. Mary’s Kitchen

Marys kitchen

Mary’s Kitchen has a non-smoking section and it’s an underrated burger joint. As usual, I was looking at burger photos on Instagram when I came across this new place and gave it a try. I love how they’ve named their burgers: Son of a Bun, Notorious P.I.G, Holy Cow, Hangover Cure, Mary Queen, Burger Wanna Be (they just had to take a shot at vegans and vegetarians). They’re very flexible with the ingredients, so you can even make your own burger. The food is to die for, but it’s very messy, so come prepared.

Address: 49 Pushkin St.

10. In Vino

in vino

Enough with burgers, here is one of Yerevan’s first and everyone’s favorite wine bar that’s smoke-free. It’s almost impossible to enjoy a drink nowadays without smelling like smoke, so why not go for wine at In Vino? Offering a variety of over 800 wines from all over the world, you can enjoy the taste and aroma of the drink with accordant sandwiches, cheeses, meat, olives, nuts and more. In Vino is just the place for you if you want to have a girls’ night or take someone out on a date and not having to do laundry at the end of the day due to people smoking.

Address: 6 Martiros Saryan St.

11. La CASA

La casa

Finally, somewhere we can dance without smelling like cigarettes. I recently discovered this place and was absolutely shocked when I found out it’s smoke-free. Every weekend at La CASA, Latin culture is brought to Yerevan through music. The first time I came here, there were more or less professional dancers showing off their moves and I was very reluctant to join them. Luckily, the bar at La CASA made so many good cocktails that by the end of the night, nobody cared how I danced. The music is energetic, the staff is amazing, the atmosphere is breathable and your night here will be memorable.

Address: 41/4 Abovyan St.

Honorable Mention: Simona


To clear things up, Simona is only smoke-free on Saturdays. But, because going to a bar and not having your eyes burnt from all the smoke in unheard of, I’m including Simona on the list because I can finally listen to jazz, R&B, hip hop and have a drink without coughing every 5 minutes. Enjoy Simona’s wide range of creative cocktails and cozy combination of Soviet and modern furnishing with the absence of cigarettes on Saturday evenings. Nobody needs to become a second-hand smoker on weekends when partying.

Address: 80 Aram St.

It’s worth mentioning that fast food chains like Mr. Gyros and KFC are non-smoking, but let’s promote local businesses and motivate others to go smoke-free at least once a week. Don’t forget to pin smoke-free places on Arthur Dolmadjian’s Smoke Free Map when you find one!

Annie Akkam

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