Habitat for Humanity Armenia launched a two-year project called “Restoring Living conditions in Armenia'', that will improve the standard of living of low and middle-income families

Nowadays, equipping a house with high-quality household goods is a compulsory point for having a safe and comfortable home. However, so many people, and maybe you too, have experienced how much of a burden old furniture and home appliances can be. If the attempt to sell the goods by the desired price fails or the goods are not considered to have a selling condition, they eventually have to find other ways to get rid of them. Sadly, many people choose solutions such as throwing away or burning, which, aside from being ineffective and time-consuming, cause environmental contamination. But everyone should be aware that better options exist, and what I'm going to tell you about is the best one I’ve come across yet.

In 2000, on the conviction that everyone should have a decent place to live, an organization called Habitat for Humanity Armenia (Habitat Armenia) was founded. Through 18 years of its existence, it has helped more than 6,000 low-income families find new hope in the form of affordable housing. 

In 2016, Habitat for Humanity Armenia launched a two-year project called “Restoring Living conditions in Armenia”. Funded by the European Union, it’s aimed at creating a social business in terms of Norogi Resource Hub that will improve the standard of living of low and middle-income families by providing them access to low-cost household goods, furniture, and building materials as well as low-cost housing solutions. 
So, how does it really work? We talked to Arthur Mesropyan, Project Manager of “Restoring Living conditions in Armenia”, for details.

Companies and individuals donate new or gently used furniture, building materials, and appliances, as well as cash. The happy news is that the center provides free pickup service!

The items are transferred to the place, and now the process of refurbishment begins. After it’s completed, a special commission defines the price of remodeled products, which will later be presented in the center’s showroom. Thus, low and middle-income families will be able to purchase them for an affordable low cost. Proceeds from the sales of the items will serve as a contribution for other projects by Habitat for Humanity Armenia, which is a laudable and promising fact.

''The Norogi Resource Hub also offers two additional services. First, we’ll share technical and practical tips on construction and energy efficient upgrades to those who express interest through Housing Support Services. And secondly, interested people can receive services through the repair shop and training studio on remodeling and upgrading used furniture and home appliances. And finally, we encourage people with different abilities and backgrounds to join us as volunteers and enhance their capabilities and skills by supporting the Resource Hub activities. These lessons are free of charge, and may give the individuals a chance to widen their market employment opportunities'', says Mesropyan.

As the project is coming to an end, Norogi Resource Center already has its address (Sebastia 90/1), a working lab with instruments for remodeling, a furnished educational center, and showroom.   
“Although Armenians have always been generous, our project is still a completely new, I would even say challenging concept for Armenia. Nonetheless, we expect people to understand that everyone deserves to live in decent conditions, and those who can’t afford relatively expensive household goods are in need of donations and support. As the whole project is aimed to support socially insecure families, we seek to expand this information to get them involved'', adds Mesropyan.
In the future, the creation of an online shop is anticipated: “People should have an opportunity to see our collection online, write opinions and proposals. Feedback is very important to us.”

You may ask, “What if I have furniture that isn’t in the best condition?” And the answer will be simple: if it is gently used you can still donate it! 

Dear Reader, as a part of the younger generation, I fully support and encourage these activities. There are so many families that struggle with poor living and financial conditions in Armenia, and you can have a positive impact on someone’s life today. Bring these people a sense of security, stability, and warmth by donating or becoming a volunteer at Norogi Resource Hub. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to make a change?

Yana Danielyan

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