The app has more than 500,000 downloads on Android and 500,000 downloads on iOS. For iOS, the app is $5, and in case of Android you only pay for special tools

By Maneh Gevorgyan

Qube start-up has developed the Pixomatic application that makes photo editing with mobile deviceseasier and faster. The app is based on artificial intelligence, and, due to it, some functions are automated. The name of the start-up speaks for itself: “Pixomatic”–“Pixel automation”.
The co-founders of the start-up studied the market and realized that games are the most profitable among apps, and photo-editing tools come next. They noticed a big gap in the market and decided to fill it by creating an app that has a number of advantages, besides the classic photo editing tools. In the app's comment section, many users describe it as a Photoshop for mobile devices, because it's the only one allowing you to quickly edit a photo and have a quality job in the absence of a computer.
Photo courtesy of GIZ

Pixomatic allows you to easily cut any object from the picture. Unlike other applications, instead of marking carefully, you simply tap your finger to highlight the preferred part, and the app cuts it from the photo. 

The app also has a special ability to cut the hair of the desired object. This is a tool that makes the app special. When cutting off people's pictures with mobile devices, their haircut is almost always a problem. With other tools, this process is quite difficult or even impossible. Here, the tool named “hair” will allow to cut hair so that it looks natural.
Pixomatic is still the only mobile app that has the ability to work with layers of the photo. Each layer of the picture is separated from the others by one click. For example, if you have added a new object to the photo, you can change just the background color or, for example, brighten the color of the object. If you have added some pictures to the photo, you can move them individually and work on each. Thanks to this, the app has the ability to make the background image vaguer, have optical effects, add shadows, write texts and more. It allows two layers to be mixed into one another.
Photos created by app users

The opportunity to get Double exposure in just a few minutes is unique. You can’t find it in any other app. There is still no such thing in the world that allows this to be done so quickly and at the same time with good quality. 

Pixomatic is also a great tool for those who need to quickly add a logo to some picture. It is also important to note that the cut picture can be stored on the phone, eliminating the need to repeat the process every time. The app provides a maximum of 16 megapixels of picture quality.
PHOTO – Double exposure photos created by app users

According to Sasoun Hambardzoumyan, co-founder of the start-up, they aimed to create an app that would make photo-editing with mobiles so easy. Co-founder Garik Avetisyan adds that the app also has special video guides that explain each tool. In his opinion, based on the comments of the users, they’ve reached their goal: Pixomatic is used by professionals and those with basic knowledge. 

The app has more than 500,000 downloads on Android and 500,000 downloads on iOS. For iOS, the app is $5, and in case of Android you only pay for special tools. In August, for example, the app had about 400,000 active users. Almost 39% of the users are from the US, 33% from Europe, 5% from Canada, and there are many users from Australia and Mexico. 

German Spiegel Online has chosen Pixomatic as the app of the week in July and Macworld has written about its features. 

The founders of the start-up are actively working to add new artificial intelligence tools. New updates are expected by the end of the year. 

Top photo: Qube
Source: hetq.am

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