Anna from Tsaghkavan
Sahman, in partnership with Microsoft and Armath Laboratories holds its Technology for All initiative in the villages of Nerkin Tsakhkavan, Berdavan and Koti in Tavush, Armenia

Today’s digital technologies have transformed the way children learn. These technologies allow students to develop modern skills, including communication, collaboration, problem solving and global awareness and improved learning outcomes. To enable students in rural Armenian villages to benefit from these rapid changes, Sahman, in partnership with Microsoft and Armath Laboratories holds its Technology for All initiative in the villages of Nerkin Tsakhkavan, Berdavan and Koti in Tavush, Armenia.  

The opening of the school IT Lab took place on April 13th with the representatives from Microsoft. Several months before three teaches from each school had taken part in an intensive training program in Yerevan at the Armath laboratory training center. 

“Sahman’s mission has been to enable the rural population in Tavush to achieve more through development projects ranging from education to agriculture. To date thousands of beneficiaries have availed of Sahman’s projects in 9 villages. This is the first philanthropic initiatives sponsored by Microsoft Corporation in the region and we’re delighted to work with an organization that has empowered millions of students around the world. Initiatives such as these will allow disadvantaged students in rural Tavush to learn coding and robotics along with additional technologies giving them access to a world of opportunities.” — says Anna Aghajanian, Sahman Co-Founder and President. 
Aram from Berdavan
Aram is attending Berdavan’s Robotics and programming club set up by Sahman and Microsoft. At a rather young age he already has big plans: Aram wants to change the world via programing. He was inspired by the marvelous idea that an item, created by a human, can serve for the good of humanity.

Onik is also from Berdavan, he adores team-building activities and think that teamwork is much more productive than individual work. He points out, that during these classes not only his overall idea of robotics and programing has improved but he has noticed significant improvements in English and Maths. 
Onik from Berdavan
Anna is a student in Tsaghkavan and attends the Sahman and Microsoft robotics and programming classes at school. With the help of innovative technology such as a 3D printer and a CNC machine she as well as her fellow students have learned to use their newly acquired knowledge to create robots and other machines that have impressed not only her teachers but the whole community.  Anna notes that she is inspired by the thought that every idea that has sparkled in her head can become a fascinating reality.
By the beginning of the next academic year Sahman and Microsoft are planning to open the next two school IT Labs. 

Microsoft is committed to empowering nonprofits to advance their missions through digital transformation. They believe that technology is a powerful force for improving people`s lives. But technology can only do it when people have access to the capabilities and the benefits it provides. Right now, half the earth’s population does not. Microsoft Philanthropies are working to change that. They are investing their great assets – technology, people, grants — to advance a more equitable world where the benefits of technology are accessible to everyone. 

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Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. 

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About Sahman

Sahman’s mission is to support the development of border villages through the implementation of programs aimed at the sustainable development and self-sufficiency of rural communities in Armenia

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