Brewery General Manager

Jul 12, 2018

Job description:
Dargett Brewery is Armenia’s craft brewery making fresh handcrafted beers since 2016.   Dargett Brewery is seeking a General Manager for its new, state of the art brewing facility, on Highway M4, just outside of Yerevan.

The General Manager will have a strong focus on business and operations management for our technologically advanced brewery. This job requires a constant eye on customer satisfaction, employee relations, quality in all areas of the business, financial and strategic planning.

Job responsibilities:
-Manage business daily operations.
-Enforce high standards for quality, cleanliness and work efficency.
-Ensure company’s goals (never compromising on taste, quality or ingredients) are realized and enacted through efficiency, positivity, and teamwork throughout all areas of operations.
-A strong sense of organization and interpersonal communication skills necessary to effectively execute human resource and staff management required of this position.
-A proven background of success in management, finance, planning, development and marketing/sales.
-Knowledge of the craft beer industry is desired, while a willingness to continually learn is required.
-Work with ownership to ideate creative and unique ideas for the Brewery. 

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