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Sep 13, 2017

Joomag culture thrives on open communication and exchange of ideas. Our team member is identified not only by high level of professionalism but also of passion and enthusiasm towards Changes. Getting results and being effective are crucial; we Dream Big and become smarter everyday.
Joomag’s Mobile Development department’s main responsibility is to design and build Joomag’s native iOS and Android apps. Our mobile engineers also work on custom apps for world renowned partners such as Huffington Post, Levi's, Elle, and more.
In addition to Joomag, we have 5 subsidiary startup projects with their own personnel and branding. Here different teams of mobile and web enthusiasts work to meet inevitable challenges, guide their ideas through to market domination and push limits.
Though operationally separate, teams of Joomag and Joomag startup projects work on a collaborative, cross supportive basis. So we welcome talented Senior-level iOS Developer to join either of the teams.

Primary Objectives:

The important objective is to build and improve Joomag’s native ios apps following a detailed Mobile App Development Lifecycle stages of planning and research, prototyping, assessment of technical feasibility, designing and building, testing and launching. Thus besides writing reusable and reliable code, the abilities to make app specific consultancy, translate business needs into technical requirements and manage production releases in App Store are primary goals. 
Team playing and collaboration skills also matter. Mobile developers in Joomag actively cowork with Web, Design and Product teams to ship new features, as well as adjust their work to maximize overall development efficiency. Successful implementation of each project requires cooperation within mobile development team as well to find common solutions, share knowledge and brainstorm on solutions. 
We believe learning impacts nearly every aspect of the work especially in startups, where the product you're creating needs to directly answer the changing needs or desires of customers. Hence innovative thinking and the ability to continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies are part of our engineers’ job. 
Required qualifications:
-5+ years of experience in ios development
-In-depth development experience at the application and user interface level with Cocoa/ Cocoa Touch
-Experience with Objective-C/Swift
-Strong knowledge and clear understanding of OOP and Design Patterns
-Experience in MacOS X programming
-Experience with CPU/ memory profiling
-Experience with Asynchronous programming
-Experience with JIRA or other issue/task tracking systems
-Experience with Git
-Experience working with Gradle
-Fluency in technical written English.
Preferred qualifications:
Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
Knowledge of Agile/Scrum/Kanban or other similar project management methodologies.
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