TFA Leadership Development Program

Feb 22, 2021
Teach for Armenia
What We Do.

Teach for Armenia educational foundation offers a two-year Leadership Development Program
aimed at providing access to an excellent education for all children across the country. Through
teacher leadership, we help to ensure that educational excellence and opportunity reaches every child across Armenia.

How We Do.

We recruit the most committed and exceptional candidates from Armenia and the Diaspora. They
are trained to become leaders and teachers and placed in underserved schools and communities
as Teach for Armenia Teacher Leaders. We invest heavily in supporting our Teacher-leaders
during their two-year commitment so that they succeed as teachers and mentors to their students and role models in their communities aligned with our Kochari.
Upon successful completion of our initial Summer Institute training program, Teacher-leaders are then placed in communities based on their
educational and professional experiences and according to the needs of our
partner schools. Teacher-leaders will live and work full-time as teachers in public
schools throughout their two-year commitment. Teacher-leaders also lead Community
Development Projects in their local areas, working with their neighbors to
identify the needs of the community, create business opportunities, and boost
the local infrastructure.

The Initial Requirements.

o Bachelor’s degree achieved by July 2021 or graduated
o Knowledge of Armenian language

The Advantages of The Program

· Personal and professional growth
· Development of leadership skills
· MA degree in teaching (if the applicant has no teaching degree)
· Opportunity to contribute in the community development
· A platform for innovative and creative idea implementation
· Local and International Network (TFA is part of Teach for All community)
· Career development opportunity
· Financial aid (Salary from school & financial aid from TFA)
  Relocation assistance

How to Apply

To apply for the program please go through the link below and fill in the online application

In case of questions please contact Narineh Aharonian with the details below:

Phone number: 00374 55 04 89 02
Email:[email protected]
Please clearly mention that you have heard about this opportunity through Repat Armenia.
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