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Not just with conscience but with consciousness
During this time of unprecedented national crisis and need for unprecedented financial influx, here is a proposal for turning the current 200M USD raised to 20B raised.

The Vertical and Horizontal Model of Giving to Armenia

First, the Vertical – words to live by when deciding how much you give

- “My mindset as a global Armenian citizen is that I am protecting my nation, my people, my soldier, my right to exist. I am not a spectator, I want to be a player. What I do outside of Armenia is critical to the success on the battlefield in Armenia.

- I am not just a DONOR and I am not just making a DONATION. I am a fighter and this is about the survival of my people. Living outside of Armenia, I am no less a fighter that the soldier on the front. I am paying consciously for the cause to stand beside them. I am paying to save my heritage which is under brutal attack.
- The transition from being a donor to being a financial warrior is critical at this time. Without that sacrifice, without crossing the barrier of real discomfort, I am not being part of the urgent solution needed now. This is war on all fronts and mere empathy, prayer and wish does not pay the costs of war.
- Living outside of Armenia, I have never paid taxes to the state of Armenia. Over my lifetime of hard work, my taxes have advanced the fortune of other countries, but not that of Armenia. In 2020, through a very large lump sum, I am now paying my overdue debt.
- Again, It is NOT a donation. It’s my overdue debt.
- I never ask for a report on where my taxes go, and I don’t withhold paying taxes when I don’t get the report. The same applies here.
- When I calculate my debt, I use the reference of my lifetime of taxes to other countries.
- I calculate not just with conscience but also with consciousness.
- I calculate with the courage that matches the courage of those whose ultimate
sacrifices I want to honor. There are too many freshly dug and covered plots across the country, carrying the remains of gods of this nation, for me to walk away from my debt.”
Second, the Horizontal – how to spread the word
- “This multiplier effect is essential. I need to activate people around me. I need to turn "donors" into warriors. I take upon myself to inspire others.
- I pledge to raise a very bold amount from my community, professional association, colleagues, friends, relatives, etc. I create lists, make phone calls, ask for specific amounts, don’t take NO for an answer and don’t accept just “donations”. I Inspire people to excel.
- I understand that I might turn off friends, but we are a nation at war, and perhaps I need to be surrounded with friends that will rise to the occasion.
- It’s hard work, but so is war. I keep working until I reach my pledge. I emphasize the Vertical, and ask each to do their own Horizontal.”
This is a war plan for the financial warrior. Don’t keep asking “what can I do from abroad?” It’s getting late.

Sevan Kabakian
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