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Few tips on how your contribution to those who are more vulnerable could be maximally effective
Fellow Repats: (well, this is applicable to locals as well)

If you are privileged enough to feel comfortable with your current financial situation, here are a few tips on how your contribution to those who are more vulnerable could be maximally effective:

- If you have hired help (Cleaning lady, babysitter, cook) offer them peace of mind by promising to continue paying their wages in full even if they miss work days due to the lock down - let them make decisions based on personal health rather than financial necessity for the time being

- If you do have a babysitter, offer to take in a few of your friends' kids too (provided sanitary protocols are respected obviously) and help shoulder the financial burden of parents who can't afford it.

- Check up on the elderly, the vulnerable or those who live alone in your area if you can

- If you own rental property, be sensitive to your tenants' financial ability to pay on time (Armenia doesn't have rental insurance or legally binding Tenancy agreements so its on you)

- If you're renting, make sure to pay on time - your landlord might need the money

- If you're #workingfromhome, consider using #madeinarmenia tech like krisp, Zangi, Dasaran and others for a better remote work experience

- Staying home doesn't mean you can't frequent local businesses: Many independent restaurants are hurting because of the quarantine's effect on foot traffic. But most are still offering delivery options - Use them: you get variety in your diet and help secure a job for couriers who are suddenly vital players in the maintenance of society. (speaking of which, don't forget to tip generously)

- If you to go out for groceries, shop at your local corner stores rather than supermarket chains if possible, they'll need the cash - they're less crowded (lower contamination risk), and are more likely to have shelves stocked.

- You can also order things like arts & crafts supplies for bored kids from a variety of online stores.

- Donate second hand children's clothes to the Women's Support Center They're taking care of the families of domestic abuse survivors who'd love to have those clothes - or really any other charity of your choice.

You may find yourself able to do all, or at least some of these things - but do what you can. Stay safe, stay indoors, keep the Armenian Unified Infocenter open and only share official info on the ongoing #coronavirus pandemic.

Raffi Elliott
(The photo is from his personal archive).
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