Just like Yerevan, we are young, energetic, and dying to do anything other than studying

Yerevan may be 2799 years old, but the city is still very much young and now cold. Colder days are when students take over Yerevan. Armed with textbooks and coffee, university students run from one xerox place to another to be prepared for endless assignments. Group projects, presentations, midterms, extra credit, you name it. We are victims of them all. YSITC students would know this quote best: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. No need to decipher the quote, what we’re trying to explain is university life isn’t all about writing last minute coffee-infused essays and pulling regular all-nighters.

In fact, students have privileges in Yerevan. And what are these student privileges you speak of? Well, because Yerevan remembers you have an annual school fee to pay, there are certain places in the city where university students don’t have to spend the same amount of money as others. Just like Yerevan, we are young, energetic, and dying to do anything other than studying. Here are 8 things to do as a university student in Yerevan:

1. Use your student privileges and visit every museum in Yerevan
Museums aren’t for tourists only. The entrance fee for university students is usually less than half of the original price. Since you’re a university student for a limited amount of time, you have the advantage of going to museums for much less.  Other than visiting the usual ones like Matenadaran, the National Gallery of Armenia and the Armenian Genocide museum, you can go to the museum of poet-writer Hovhannes Tumanyan, located in the heart of the city. Movie lovers would prefer visiting the Sergei Parajanov Museum. Students majoring in literature would love going to Charents Museum of Literature and Arts. The museum for biology majors? The State Museum of Nature of Armenia.
Parajanov Museum
2. Anti-cafes are your go-to places
Aeon and The Loft are the best places for studying whether alone or with a group. You are charged for the time you spent there. Why anti-cafes and not regular cafes? For starters, you get unlimited coffee. Pop out your student ID at Aeon and you’ll get a 20% discount. Pull an all-nighter at The Loft and pay only 1000 drams. Both are spacious and have school supplies if needed. Once you need to take a break from all the studying, the anti-cafes can provide you with distractions: musical instruments, board games, snacks, etc. 
The Loft
3. Go on a quest
Harry Potter super fans, rejoice! Questomania gives you the opportunity to use all your Harry Potter facts into action. Think of it as a video game, except you’re the main character and it’s actually taking place in real life. The thinking minds of university students are ripe and we’re positive we all grew up watching the Harry Potter movies. The tasks of the quests are mainly logical and includes puzzle solving. You’ll have clues lying around the room and your mission is to solve the riddles and leave the room within an hour. Sure, you can always go to the movies, but how often do you get to go on a quest!
4. Start a book club with your friends
What better way to gain knowledge and spend time with your university friends! If you’re reluctant, you can use it as an excuse to hang out. Instead of deeming it as homework, check your school curriculum and assign the book accordingly. Obviously, you can pick whichever book you want, but this have a fun twist doing group works. You can set up a date and a deadline, and discuss the book either chapter by chapter or as a whole. And don’t limit it to your university friends, allow anyone to join. Mother, father, brother, sister, neighbor, anyone! Invite your friends from other universities and compare your curriculum with theirs, you could even learn from each other. 
5. Devote a day to parks
Hurry up and enjoy nature while you still can, because winter is right around the corner. Grab your friends after class, get a cup of hot chocolate and have a walk in all nearby parks. This activity is popular among YSLU students, since Saryan park is the closest to the building. On sunny afternoons, painters show their artwork all over the park with orange and red leaves in the background decorating the scenery. You can even have your new book club discussions in the park. Dog lovers would prefer Missak Manouchian park, since most people love to walk their dogs there despite the fact that it’s not allowed. Long story short, you’re going to miss going for walks, so go ahead and make use of it.
Saryan Park
6. Be adventurous
Before the cold takes over, gather your friends and go to Victory Park or Luna Park. Let your inner 10 year-old enjoy themselves. Have cotton candy, ride roller coasters,win prizes, do it all. Be the witness to the greatest view of Yerevan at the top of the rides in Victory park with Mother Armenia by your side. Amusement parks are inactive in winter, take the opportunity while you still can. Play City is also a great option for entertainment. They have paintball, kart racing, billiard, etc. 
Victory Park
7.  Explore Yerevan’s nightlife
You’re only young once, and energy runs out very quickly. Go out and party while you still don’t have final exams to study for. After a long week of school, drinking and dancing sounds very intriguing. Your go-to places are Paparazzi Club, The Venue, DAS, Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar. Each offer a different vibe, but you’ll for sure dance the night away. 
Paparazzi Club
8. Be a part of Yerevan’s music scene
The local music scene is richer than it appears. There are gigs in Yerevan almost every day of the week. Stop Club, Poplavok Jazz Cafe, Mezzo Classic House Club,Yans Music Hall are all places where you can enjoy music. From folk music to experimental techno, genres vary in Yerevan. Explore all sorts of music by being an active member of the underground music scene. Who knows, you might even find your new favorite artist. 

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