Who Can You Vote For?

Voting is not only a right, but a responsibility placed on the citizens of a country. In Armenia, where voter turnout averages around 60% of the eligible citizens, it is very important to ensure each individual understands how their conduct affects the overall process. In the 2017 parliamentary elections, over a million people had not voted or had their votes count as invalid due to varying reasons. This was the case during the 2013 presidential elections as well, leading to many not accepting the final results. Whether there was corruption is secondary here, when nearly half the population does not cast a ballot and make their voice heard. Perhaps this trend might see a change for the upcoming two elections?

The first election to get ready for is coming up on September 23, 2018. Officially, there are 853 390 citizens eligible to vote this time. The Council of Elders that will be voted in with this election is comprised of 65 members, elected for a four-year term, and with the power to make the city’s decisions. There are a total of 996 candidates overall between all 12 parties and alliances this election.

First and foremost, there are a few logistical matters to get out of the way. is the official site for all elections in Armenia. It is available in Armenian and English and utilizes both video and infographic style imagery to help voters figure out what to do.

Video in Armenian (with sign language) about how the whole process works on the day of election:

Video in Armenian about how to fold your vote before placing in ballot box:

To find out where your precinct is located, visit the maps section of the elections website:

When asked about most integral problems that require addressing, here are the top answers repatriates provided us with. Note, many of these points are addressed by most all parties running:
-Optimize public transport
-Stop cutting down trees/Plant more green zones
-Ensure timely waste disposal/more bins
-Make sidewalks stroller and wheelchair friendly
-Prohibit smoking in public areas
-Close trash tubes in older buildings
-Regulate gas emissions by cars and buses
-Develop programs for homeless animals
-Expand subway routes
-Renovate public parks/Add dog parks
-Strongly regulate construction norms
-Ensure proper lighting at night
-Protect historical buildings and facades
-Create proper bike routes in city
-Prohibit sidewalk parking
-Ensure better police enforcement against illegal turns and sleeping while driving
-Integrate Yerevan bus routes in Google
-Remove makeshift kiosks from sidewalks
-Ensure all pavement markings are updated
-Construct public toilets everywhere
-Ensure better water filtration

Who Can Vote?

According to the constitution, those who can vote in the municipal elections include:
-Citizens of Armenia over the age of 18
-Non-citizens of Armenia who are officially registered (Հաշվառում, գրանցում) for at least a year․

If you look on the voter’s list - - you should be able to find your name and the information related to your precinct. Should you not see your name appear on the voter’s list, you can go to the passport section of the police station for your district and present your residency status with the stamp indicating your registered address.

Who Can You Vote For?

There are 12 options for you to choose from when voting this Sunday.

  1. Prosperous Armenia Party
    1. Mayor Candidate: Naira Zohrabyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 195
    3. Facebook Page: Բարգավաճ Հայաստան Կուսակցություն
    4. Website: N/A
  2. Yerevan Society Alliance
    1. Mayor Candidate: Anahit Tarkhanyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 47
    3. Facebook Page: Երեւանի Հանրություն Դաշինք
    4. Website: N/A
  3. Yerevantsiner Alliance
    1. Mayor Candidate: Ararat Zurabyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 53
    3. Facebook Page: N/A
    4. Website: N/A
  4. Yerkir Tsirani Party
    1. Mayor Candidate: Zaruhi Postanjyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 56
    3. Facebook Page: Երկիր Ծիրանի
    4. Website: N/A
  5. Heritage Party
    1. Mayor Candidate: Raffi Hovhannisyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 49
    3. Facebook Page: Ժառանգություն Կուսակցություն
    4. Website: N/A
  6. Democratic Way Party
    1. Mayor Candidate: Manuel Gasparyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 33
    3. Facebook Page: N/A
    4. Website: N/A
  7. My Step Alliance
    1. Mayor Candidate: Hayk Marutyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 170
    3. Facebook Page: Իմ Քայլը Դաշինք
    4. Website:
  8. Luys Alliance
    1. Mayor Candidate: Artak Zeynalyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 112
    3. Facebook Page: Լույս Դաշինք
    4. Website: N/A
  9. Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
    1. Mayor Candidate: Miqayel Manukyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 77
    3. Facebook Page: Միասին Հանուն Երեւանի
    4. Website:
  10. HAYQ (Haykazuns) Party
    1. Mayor Candidate: Gevorg Hovsepyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 60
    3. Facebook Page: Հայք Կուսակցություն
    4. Website: N/A
  11. Reformists Party
    1. Mayor Candidate: Artak Avetyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 29
    3. Facebook Page: Ռեֆորմիստների Կուսակցություն
    4. Website: N/A
  12. Country of Legality (Orinats Erkir) Party
    1. Mayor Candidate: Mher Shahgeldyan
    2. Number of Candidates: 115
    3. Facebook Page: Օրինաց Երկիր
    4. Website: N/A

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