ABC BootCamp
A 2-week long bootcamp with tutors from Berkeley, MIPT and Technical University of Eindhoven on Machine Learning, Programming and Mathematics

With growing interest from younger generation and their own experience in the educational sphere, ACA (Armenian Code Academy) has come to realize that it is important to also focus on long-term benefits of education and on the technological future. Study programming, have a rest and visit Armenia with Armenian Code Academy (ACA). This summer at Byurakan, ACA is organizing a 2-week long bootcamp with tutors from Berkeley, MIPT and Technical University of Eindhoven. Sport tournaments, visits to leading IT companies in Armenia, and camping trips in places of incredible natural beauty will make your child’s camping experience unforgettable. 

Once they settled for an idea to create a relaxing and customized learning opportunity for younger tech enthusiasts they spent a lot of time inquiring junior students what their understanding of a perfect learning environment is. 

''Target group research, student and parent feedback, our tutors’ experience with their own studies, failures and achievements in the sphere brought us to a perfect solution: BootCamp on Machine Learning, Programming and Mathematics. Located in Byurakan, a place of incredible natural beauty, our camping resort is also the center of intellectual tourism. Staggering landscapes, chess and sport tournaments intermixed with swimming sessions will be the perfect getaway from a city life and an insight into future prospects in the fascinating world of information and technology. Solve the present. Code the Future'' - ACA.

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