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Armenia's own Coachella awaits us this summer, and it’s going to last 3 days this year

The talk of summer 2017 was EPIC Open Air Rock Camp. The 2-day festival that took place in Tsaghkadzor is one of the top 5 open-air festivals in the CIS. The 2 days were filled with dancing, cozy nights spent in tents, bonfires and lots and lots of rock music. Local bands like Nemra, Rozen Tal, Dogma and Vordan Karmir and a few from Georgia rocked the night away with quality music, making the music fest truly live up to its name. This year, they’re taking things up a notch. EPIC EYE music and arts festival awaits us this summer, and it’s going to last 3 days this year.

The man behind EPIC EYE, Gevorg Avetisyan, gave all the scoop on the festival, guaranteeing that it's going to be a one-of-a-kind experience.


How everything became EPIC:

The summer school program EPIC, organized every summer on August 1-15, called for a closing ceremony to conclude the two-week project and make the adventure unforgettable for all participants. What better way to end summer school than by throwing a concert, right? After meeting with Armenian Rock Association, one thing was crystal clear: they needed to create something epic. Wasting no time at all, the small team started working immediately. Branding, finding a location, prepping the venue, preparing the lineup, ordering neon bracelets and every other detail were all done in the matter of 3 weeks. The hard work paid off, as more than 2000 people showed up at the open-air fest in 2017. Two days of rock music in a mountain resort in Tsaghkadzor showed how nature, music, and people can live in harmony. Empyray, Vishup Ensemble, Nemra, Vostan Hayots, The Black Marrows and a number of other bands delivered memorable performances at the overnight fest. The fest was a hit and got everybody talking. If you thought last year was EPIC, wait till you see how things are going down this year. 


What makes this festival EPIC:

The first change you notice this year is the name of the fest. The fruitful and productive collaboration with EPIC’s new partner MAROG Creative Agency led to rebranding the project, and in the process, EPIC EYE was born. Since the fest was recognized as one of the best in CIS, they thought: “Why not include more variety of genres?” Metalheads and rock and roll lovers aren’t going to be alone this year. Rock is going to be accompanied by electronic and alternative music as well. Rock bands and musicians from all over the world are to join us this year like Poem from Greece and Pierre Edel from France, Leprous from Norway. The first day of the fest is set to have electronic music, rock is saved for the second day, and the third day is reserved to have an EPIC special. Who knows, maybe a big surprise awaits!
EPIC EYE isn’t only aimed towards music lovers, but art fanatics as well. The venue is going to be covered in graffiti and EPIC EYE is going to have a well-prepared stage that recreates the atmosphere of Tomorrowland and Coachella. The three-day fest is going to be filled with activities. Starting from morning yoga to zorbing, a large variety of entertainment options will be available to the audience. You’ll have the opportunity to zipline over the crowds while your friends use the trampoline. In short, EPIC EYE is going to be every adrenaline junkie’s favorite fest.

The venue is going to have all sorts of essential needs provided to participants. People will be able to rent tents, have a food court that serves for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters, and every transaction will take place through cards provided by the team instead of cash. People who don’t wish to spend the night in a tent will have accommodation packages to stay in nearby hotels with affordable prices. 


It’s all about EPIC aims, isn’t it?

The first and foremost aim of EPIC is to bring more young students and tourists to a place where they can connect through education and music. EPIC EYE music and arts festival will not only allow young tourists to see Armenia as a country with rich cultural and historical values, but also as a country where you can network with local students. As a side dish, you get to spend the time of your life at one of the best fests in the CIS. Simultaneously, EPIC EYE aims to base a well-established music culture in Armenia. Instead of associating the word “festival” with dolma or wine, it can be used alongside “music”. Instead of going to other countries to attend raves and festivals, Armenia can be the destination where music lovers from all over the world come to enjoy a wide variety of music in the lap of nature. You never know, you might discover your new favorite artist at EPIC EYE!

Author: Annie Akkam
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