Avetis Antaplyan- Why Armenia?
I can see the diaspora helping Armenia become a top 10 tech hub by investing and by spreading the word of the tremendous success they can have

For many more global Armenians, simply engaging with Armenia is a win-win situation for all. In Avetis Antaplyan’s case, the connection comes in human capital that help enhance his company’s ability to support the tremendous amount of business HIRECLOUT, as well as a connection with the homeland he might not have had otherwise. Over the past years, Armenia has truly become a connection between the diaspora and her homeland; it has provided both business and employment opportunities, as well as volunteering, education, and simply world travel. We connected with Avetis about his own experiences. 
Avetis Antaplyan
Hello Avetis! Would you mind starting off with telling us a little bit about yourself? 
Hello! I am a proud Armenian who grew up in Los Angeles, CA.  I had not been to Armenia in nearly 30 years. Having studied Business Administration at CSUN, I worked in several large corporations in leadership positions including three years as the Senior Director of Operations for Kaplan. I enjoyed those stints but decided to move into the entrepreneurial/start-up world. After many years of investing my skills this way, my business partner and I founded and built a successful company called HIRECLOUT. It is one of the main Tech Recruiting and Consulting firms behind the hiring for some of the most successful tech companies in the world; such as Uber, Tinder, HULU, Sony, Toyota, DirecTV and many more. As our reputation grew, more and more clients needed more and more support from us. Although we already have a very strong staff in California, our existing staff was unable to support the amount of business we had.

Instead of only hiring in LA and SF, we decided to build a team in Yerevan in tandem with the US group. Although originally the team in Yerevan was hired to only support LA and SF business, surprisingly we had so much demand from Armenian tech companies that it took off as its own self sustained business. Emma Mirzoyan was our first hire in Yerevan; since then, we have increased our staff base, with her leading the way as our “Little General” in Armenia.  I’ve always dreamed of making a larger impact on Armenia. Much more than simply visiting or writing checks for donations. I wanted to feel a real connection to Armenia, its incredible people and all that this country has to offer. 
Avetis Antaplyan
As the founder of HIRECLOUT, could you expound on the vision behind the company and what is it that you offer your clients? 
I have always been obsessed with helping people progress in their careers, helping companies grow, and elevating those I see around me. My partner, Jeff Mitchell, and I started HIRECLOUT with a mission to empower every person and every organization that we work with to take it to the next level. Technology changes, trends change, but our commitment to helping our clients does not.

According to your experience and personal opinions, why should diaspora Armenians, irrespective of their place of birth, become engaged with Armenia? How and what impact they can have? Any examples? 
There are so many reasons; it’s hard to pinpoint one. I will start with the fact that Armenia is home to some of the smartest and hardest working people in the world. I can say this based on personal experience. Secondly, much of the population speaks multiple languages, including English, Russian, German, and French, which reduces quite a few of the communication barriers and possible challenges. Finally, it will give us all an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful countries and cultures in the world.  My dream is to take my wife and kids who have never been to Armenia and see them fall in love, as well. 
That is a beautiful dream. What’s your vision for Armenia-Diaspora relations? 
I would to love to see more and more Diaspora Armenians invest in Armenia by either starting companies directly in Armenia or at least thinking of Armenia first for any off-shoring needs. I can see the diaspora helping Armenia become a top 10 tech hub by investing and by spreading the word of the tremendous success they can have, if properly structured and with the right people in the right seats.  

How do you see Armenia developing in 20 years? Why should Armenia be of interest now?
Why not Armenia? That is a strange question for me. Armenia has over a million talented professionals who speak multiple languages, are willing to work with US/European hours and pace and they are very tech savvy. I see Armenia becoming a tech hub that all strive to invest in, to become a part of. There is so much potential.  

Last but not least, what is your favorite thing to do while in Armenia? 
I love walking around the city, stopping in at local cafes and restaurants, sipping on wine, and eating the incredible food. I also really love the enthusiasm I see and hear about the future of Armenia. 

Written by Tamar Najarian

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