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When we talk about Yerevan, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it’s our capital city: the pink city of new places to explore. As for me, Yerevan means more than modern buildings or the famous Northern Avenue. For me, every corner has a story. Every time I stop by them, they bring back fond memories. I’ve been to many places in Yerevan in the 3 years I’ve lived here, yet there are some places that never get old.  I always have a story to tell, a memory to share. 

Let me start with the place closest to my heart:

Mirzoyan Library:
This is a photo library that belongs to photographer Karen Mirzoyan, located on the old, narrow  street of Mher Mkrtchyan. The library is sort of a hidden place, but once you find it, you will for sure feel as if you are transported back to older ages. I discovered Mirzoyan when I was a volunteer for Repat Armenia, and I fell in love with it. Mirzoyan took me to old Damascus, a city full of Arabian houses and narrow streets. Damascus was where I lived and felt the history of Syria, and Mirzoyan brought back the feelings. 
mirzoyan library
The library is decorated with photo collections by Karen Mirzoyan and other photographers. It projects Soviet vibes since the style cafe is of such, and has a mouth-watering menu. I don’t think of Mirzoyan Library only as history or art, it’s also where I used to go with my university friends to discuss business plans  or  study a for our state exams. It’s where I listen to jazz music and try studying. Mirzoyan is the place where I meet a lot of new interesting people and form new friendships. It is my second beloved home.
Karen Mirzoyan Library


Everyone loves going up the stairs of Cascade to take photos of Ararat or in front of the sculptures. But, I love Cascade for a different reason. I've gone there for birthday celebrations and hanging out with my besties. After  having a long night of partying, we would go up Cascade and stay awake for hours listening to music, discussing our problems and making jokes about each other. We would even fall asleep next to each other.

We would wake up at 6:00 am, watch the sunrise and appreciate the beauty of Yerevan. Cascade is the place where my three best friends and I share memories, secrets and photos we’ll carry with us forever. 


Armenia’s open air market. Every tourist visits Vernissage to buy Armenian handmade souvenirs. I, on the other hand, visit Vernissage not just for buying gifts, but to watch and have conversations with Armenian artists. I go there every 2 weeks to see the new works of our Armenian artists. I spend hours looking at their work. I go there when I’m stressed, or simply out of boredom. Looking at art motivates me to work all week.

Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar: 

For night life, some prefer El Sky Bar, others like Paparazzi club. I personally like the small and cozy pub Calumet. It was the first  pub I went to in Yerevan with my cousins during my first visit. I soon became addicted to Calumet, the hippie vibes were flying all over. The underground bar is a different world. There, you meet people from all around the world. You can see the strong connection between locals and diasporans. You dance all night to Armenian folk music, latin songs and the latest pop hits. Calumet is not just a pub. In fact, they have Yerevan’s most delicious pizza here and scrumptious french fries. It is a tradition to celebrate my birthday there and enjoy the spiritual hippie atmosphere.
These places are in my top favorites. I’ll never get bored of visiting the same places. But I still have much to discover not only in Yerevan, but in other cities as well.

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