As someone who came to Armenian with no previous knowledge of the language, I love AYOLingo

Think you don't have time to learn Armenian? Think again! Introducing AYOLingo; an open-source, language learning app for anyone interested in learning Eastern Armenian. And the best part is? It's free! From beginners to those who have a background in Armenian, AYOLingo is the one and the only app you'll ever need. In as little as 10 minutes a day, AYOLingo can take your Armenian from 0 to 100 real quick.

Now, I know what you're thinking. What does this app have that others don't? Why is it so different from the rest? AYOLingo stands out from various language applications because it's the easiest app to learn Armenian. No monthly subscription, no ads, and best of all, AYOLingo is completely free. With 30 modules and 30 more coming soon, over 70 lessons and pronunciation practice, what more could you ask for?

The app is very easy to navigate. Once you've signed in using an email, or either your Google account or Facebook, it takes you to 'Modules' page. Here, you can maneuver through each Module starting with 'Basics.' Each Module contains at least two lessons. They test your knowledge through sentence completion, word matching and fill in the blanks. Once you start going through the modules and lessons, AYOLingo will track your progress, see what words you're having trouble with and tailor the rest of the exercise to those challenging words. The modules and lessons get harder and harder; starting with easy words in the beginning then to conversations at the end. Some lessons have pictures as well as the translations for those like me that need a little bit more help. This gives the user a multi-sensory approach to learning with audio and visual.

Another great tool AYOLingo has is the 'Pronunciation Practice.' I don't know about some of you, but I have never made some of the sounds coming from Armenian words before. I'm so used to pronunciations in Italian or Spanish that I often find it difficult to speak Armenian. With 'Pronunciation Practice,' the user hears how a word sounds. Combined with saying the word aloud, users will have a better understanding of the Armenian language and how it's spoken. A native Armenian speaker said, "AYOLingo is a great app for people who have no access to an Armenian teacher. It's a very easy, on-the-go app!" In our busy day to day lives, it's hard to sit down and learn a language. With AYOLingo, the language teacher comes to you right on your phone. Only one lesson a day can improve your Armenian! You can work on your lessons on the way to work, while you're eating a meal, before bed or whenever convenient because you're learning on your own time!

Who doesn't love some friendly competition? I know I do! The 'Leaderboard' section of the app allows users to add friends also using the AYOLingo and compete! You can watch either their progress, usage duration, streaks or points while using the app. I actually love this part of the app because frankly, I'm nosey. If I can see the progress one of my friends' versus mine, I will 100% work harder on my own progress. By pushing each other to pass certain modules and lessons, we're all working harder and learning more Armenian!

There is also the option to 'Test Out' of a module. If you feel like you're understanding a particular practice well enough, you can skip through the lessons and AYOLingo will create a test for you. If you pass the test, then you're finished with the lesson! No more suffering through activities and words you've already seen before! For those who want to challenge themselves, there is a 'Master Review.' This takes all the lessons in all the modules and combines them with everything you've learned. Think of it like an Armenian language final exam. If while working on the Master Review, you come across a word you can't remember, AYOLingo offers a 'Vocabulary' page. This is a dictionary of all the words in AYOLingo the user has learned so far. Users can see the word in Armenian with Armenian and English letters, the definition and the way it's pronounced.

As someone who came to Armenian with no previous knowledge of the language, I love AYOLingo. The app is so easy to use and I have found myself reaching for the app in my day to day speech. If you are someone who wants to learn a new Eastern Armenian, AYOLingo is the language app you're looking for.

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Source: www.birthrightarmenia.org
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