Unique opportunity for Diaspora Armenians

MARAR is a ten-day patriotic program enriched by sports, educational and army training elements with the participation of experienced specialists, providing an opportunity to strengthen links with the motherland through:
 -trips to non-touristic places of Armenia;
 -exciting tactical games;
 -seminars with interesting people;
 -intense cultural program;
 -acquaintance with compatriots from different corners of the world as well as with local people.

The high level of training ensures that the participants are fully immersed in the program and provides an opportunity to see and appreciate Armenia and its people with their own eyes.

In its activities, the MARAR program focuses on the world's best projects, such as the Federation of Military Tactical Games (FCTI) in Russia, which organizes spectacular games with the participation of various teams, and the Israeli “Sar-El” Volunteer Program, which places emphasis on education and strengthening of Jewish identity.

The program:

— is supervised by professionals, using extraordinary training methods;
— is too intensive: for a short period, the organizers have the task of giving the participants as much information and skills as possible;
— provides participants with comfortable conditions of stay;
— provides two levels of training: for those who have already passed it and for those who participate for the first time;
— is intended for both girls and boys.

To date, two such gatherings have already been held, where people from several countries took part. As participants and organizers note, the results exceeded all expectations. Gained experience and emotions people will bring to their countries and keep it through the years.

In 2018, at the third training camp, program participants met with the Armenian Minister of Defense David Tonoyan. The Minister appreciated the potential of the program, emphasized the importance of strengthening relations between Armenia and the Diaspora, and supported the initiative that not only Armenians, but also representatives of other nationalities take part in the program. The programs such as “MARAR” bring international relations to a new, high-quality level.


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