Repat Armenia Statement
For the first time, taking into consideration the critical importance of the current situation in Armenia, we are making a statement

Repat Armenia Foundation is a non-governmental and non-political organization that has been actively supporting the process of repatriation for more than five years. For the first time, taking into consideration the critical importance of the current situation in Armenia, we are making a statement.   

Repat Armenia Foundation along with thousands of repatriates community members are expressing their concern with the radical positions taken by the Government of Armenia and protesters, including the absence of a dialogue between the parties and arrests of the peaceful demonstrators. 

We believe, that at this point the only possible solution will be for comprehensive change to take place  and for both sides to start negotiating without preconditions.

There is no doubt that each and every Armenian across the world is deeply worried about the current situation. Thousands of repatriates, tens of thousands potential repatriates, millions of citizens in Armenia and in the Diaspora are waiting for serious changes to take place in the country. 

We hope that the Government of Armenia is not judging the situation only by what’s happening in the center of Yerevan, but realizes the scale and the intensity of the present civic movement in Armenia and abroad. It is clear that there is widespread and deep discontent among multiple segments of Armenian and Diasporan society with the manner in which we arrived at where we are, and it’s clear that something must change.
We’ve reached a critical point where first and foremost the Government of Armenia must be  held accountable for this current situation.

We have no space for mistakes or self-deception. Otherwise, we’ll be faced with a serious and long lasting crisis, weakening of statehood and national security, leading to  growing apathy and migration from Armenia.

At the same time, coming to a peaceful and righteous solution can lead to the development of positive expectations in the society, serious ground for economic growth, substantial decrease in migration and active repatriation. 

As a result, we urge the Government of Armenia to take concrete steps, within the bounds of the law and Constitution, to respond immediately to the concerns raised by the public at large. The most credible option would be to enact the process defined in the Constitution to dissolve the current National Assembly and call for early elections.

Finally,  we would like to urge the Government of Armenia and the peaceful protesters to be responsible and realize the crucial importance of their next steps which will impact nation-building and the future generations.  


Repat Armenia Foundation Board Members:
Artashes Shirikyan, Avetik Chalabyan, Raffi Kassarjian

Executive Director:

Vartan Marashlyan
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