Summer Camps 2019 in Armenia
Here are this year’s summer camps in Armenia

Just because the school year is over doesn’t mean we get to slack off all summer and sleep in. Every year, there are a number of summer camps organized to keep our minds fresh and active for maximum productivity. Instead of spending long and boring hours in classrooms, you get to meet people from all over the world, share experiences, take up new hobbies and improve your skills and make unforgettable memories. Here are this year’s summer camps:

1. ABC BootCamp By Armenian Code Academy

ABC BootCamp is an innovative machine learning oriented summer camp for students aged 12-17. Located in Byurakan village, this summer camp program is for all tech enthusiasts who are tired of taking programming courses in classrooms and need a new learning environment. Here, you can increase your knowledge of machine learning, programming and mathematics, all in the middle of breathtaking landscapes and taking a break from the city life. But that’s not all. ABC BootCamp knows how to have fun; students will get to participate in soccer, basketball and chess tournaments, and no summer is complete without going swimming and hiking.

2. Camp TUMO 2019

Camp TUMO is a summer program for students who don’t have access to TUMO center where they live. Here, teenagers learn about the latest technology and design in Armenia. Camp TUMO offers workshops for robotics, animation, coding and many more. Equipped with the latest technology, teenagers also get to uncover Yerevan’s hidden treasures, develop their own projects, attend cultural events and field trips, and most importantly, make friends for life. Don’t miss the chance to visit historical sites like Garni Pagan Temple, Khor Virap Monastery, Areni Winery and countless trips tours of museums and concerts all while getting hands-on experiences in 21st-century fields.


This summer program takes place at the international UWC Dilijan school campus that brings together education and entertainment. JUST DILIJAN IT! provides an interactive and playful teaching process in an exciting environment surrounded by international students. This campus has everything you need for summer: science labs, art workshops, a concert hall, a library, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and a FIFA-standard football pitch. The summer camp has programs for performing arts, science and nature, sports, visual arts and architecture, leadership and social entrepreneurship.

4. Hidden Road Initiative Summer Camp

The Hidden Road Initiative is a student-operated, charitable non-profit organization, that provides educational and leadership opportunities to underprivileged students living in remote villages in Armenia. They host educational summer camps every summer which are led by a diverse group of volunteer camp leaders to remote villages in Armenia and offer participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This summer camp empowers village students, helps to develop new relationships, and teaches up-to-date skills. The Hidden Road Initiative summer camp has classes like English, health and hygiene, environmental science,  arts, computer literacy, photography, social issues, outdoors ed, sports, yoga, and many more.

5. AGBU Musical Armenia Program Summer Program

AGBU's Musical Armenia Program is a three-week summer initiative that connects aspiring and professional artists with Armenia’s rich musical heritage. Since 2012, they have been inviting musicians of all backgrounds, levels, and nationalities to come together and explore Armenia’s rich musical traditions. Here, you participate in masterclasses, lessons, and lectures conducted by prominent Armenian musicians and musicologists, cultural activities and concerts, and go on weekly excursions outside of the city. Program is open to both professional and amateur musicians. 

6. PATMI Summer Camp 2019

PATMI Cultural NGO is holding its first summer camp in Meghradzor village this year. They’re looking for volunteers who can teach languages, crafts, painting, mural making, yarn bombing, photography, storytelling, filmmaking, dance, music, singing and other art forms to kids aged 10-18. The summer camp will run from the 1st of July until the 15th of August. Each workshop will last between one and four weeks. If you never got the chance to go to a summer camp when you were younger, you can go now as a volunteer and help other children live out the best summer of their lives.

7. AUA Summer Program 2019

AUA’s Summer Program is one for students who like to keep themselves busy. Combining academics with Yerevan’s energetic music and art scene, this summer camp has numerous courses lasting between five to eight weeks in length. These courses include data science, photojournalism, human resources management, business mathematics, music and literature and many more. Participants will also get the chance to go on the “Discover Armenia” educational tour which shows Armenia’s evolution from ancient times to the present. 

If you’ve missed the deadline to apply to any of the summer camps, fear not. There’s always next summer! 

by Annie Akkam
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