Sevan Startup Summit
Workle and Feed The World NGO team members have been actively involved and gave us the inside scoop of Sevan Startup Summit today

Summer, Sevan and Startups - this perfect combination is called Sevan Startup Summit 2018

Started on July 22nd, it brought together innovators and changemakers from all walks of life.

As an ecosystem partner, Repat Armenia Foundation is participating with Repat Startup Program. Workle and Feed The World NGO team members have been actively involved and gave us the inside scoop of Sevan Startup Summit today. We talked about teamwork, mentorship and campground life.
Feed The World


Life at Summit is organized in squads that were chosen randomly. Clashing with startups from different fields wides participants horizons and gives them food for thoughts. While doing everyday tasks like cooking, bringing water and organising the camp participants discuss latest trends, their projects and all the bright ideas they have. Campfire is the highlight of the day where speakers from all around the world share their experiences.



This is how the magic happens! Being uncertain, constantly changing and evolving is how you start. Focusing and having a clear vision is how things keep growing. Having a chance to speak with different mentors, from all around the world, who shared their experiences of how they started from scratch is motivating and eye opening. Their success stories all start the same way - lots of changes, trials and errors and most importantly, moving forward and it is exactly what the participants are currently going through. The participants’ business models have changed drastically towards better since they came due to the mentors’ feedbacks. They have also been receiving lots of training on how to do the perfect pitch for the investors - why should their project be picked? 
Repat Startup

Campground life:

White sandy beach and the outfit of the day-raincoat. What an icebreaker! This is Sevan, folks! Things didn’t start out very smoothly as the first two days of the summit, there were heavy rains and all the participants had to work together to make sure they kept their areas as dry as possible. Small discomforts like rain do not compare to the “simple” life that the participants are enjoying. On the campground, all “walls” are broken down between the mentors, speakers and participants, everyone is working together, mingling and enjoying the friendly atmosphere. You can’t ask for anything more, can you?

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