Artsakh AirFest

Artsakh Airfest is the most anticipated event in Artsakh, full of positive energy and emotions. For the second time this year Stepanakert Airport will become one of the most exciting places in Artsakh with flying machines in the air - flying airplanes, skyballs and paratrikes.

The show will kick off at 14:00 with the participation of more than 6 airplanes and #paratrikes. From 17:30 attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy paragliding, #skyballs and flights by Artsakh touristic airplanes. 

"Artsakh AirFest" will be accompanied by famous DJs’ performances. The concert will begin at 18:30 and then will be followed by an open-air party starting from 21:00. The entrance ticket fee is 2000 AMD. 

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