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On February 6th, RepatArmenia & Impact Hub Yerevan, in cooperation with Transparency International Anticorruption Center and Europe in Law Association, hosted "Becoming an election observer - How & Why" with a special mission to engage more repatriates and diaspora Armenians in the upcoming parliamentary election. The event was hosted at the AGBU hall with over 150 attendees and over 100 viewers joined CivilNet’s live stream.

The discussion was moderated by Raffi Kassarjian and the panelists were Sona Ayvazyan, Tigran Yegoryan, Arsinee Khanjian, Vartan Marashlyan and Irina Ghaplanyan.  "We may have wasted the past 25 years by not participating in the elections, but I think what is really important at this stage is to acknowledge that we have the responsibility to make that change." stated Arsinee Khanjian during the discussion. 

The panelists discussed the importance of becoming an observer and Sona Ayvazyan from Transparency International discussed few expectation from the observers, which were the following: 
• Commit to come to Armenia for about a week
• Take online video-training about the observation
• Take part in the orientation session
• Monitor the voting process throughout the election day—up to 25 hours
• Report on the observed violations through SMS reports and communicate with coordination center
• Document and video tape electoral violations
• Participate in the complaints process as needed

To become a citizen observer, you are not required to speak Armenian and you will be paired with another observer who speaks your language. 

There were numerous questions both from the audience present at the event and others watching it live! The panelists addressed all the logistical questions regarding the Election Day to the best of their ability to make sure anyone who is interested in becoming a citizen observer knows what to expect. 

To register to become an observer:

You can watch the full event here:

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