Music of Armenia

Music of Armenia announces the launch of ‘Women’s Musical Month’, an annual month-long celebration dedicated to female Armenian musicians and their music.

Celebrating the power of female creativity and talent, the event aims to preserve and promote the legacy of music created and performed by Armenian women, while encouraging and empowering them to pursue their careers on a professional level globally.

Women’s Musical Month will take place from 8th March to 7th April 2018. Both, the opening and the closing dates are chosen symbolically as International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March and on 7th April Armenia celebrates Motherhood and Beauty Day. Hence, there is a month-long period during which women in Armenia feel “extra” special.

Taking advantage of this fact, Music of Armenia has decided to honour Armenian female musicians from around the world by promoting their work and encouraging the next generation of talented musicians via various musical activities during this period.

Learn about the programme and participants here.

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