Don't miss the chance to send your kids to WikiCamp, the coolest educational project, this August 20-30.

What is WikiCamp?

Camp is the most innovative project of Wikimedia Armenia, official chapter of Wikimedia Foundation. WikiCamp brings together kids and youngsters aged 9-15 to teach them how to edit in Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikisource. In addition to editing, our campers play sports and intellectual games, participate in quests and so many fun events that get them love knowledge, become curious and productive.

WikiCamp is organized in Armenia and located in picturesque Aghveran, at a rest
house which is closed to other visitors during the camp dates.

How will WikiCamp benefit my child?

What are the advantages of Wikipedia editing?
Editing in Wikipedia is а very interesting activity and many kids continue editing in Wiki projects when they are back to their regular life. Editing and creating new content that can be accessed by millions of people, gives the children the taste of volunteering and feel important for doing something for common good. Wikicampers learn how to formulate and structure their ideas in a persuasive and understandable manner, as well as, how to collaborate with other editors through positive feedback and constructive criticism.

Educators and learning process

Every WikiCamp has experienced editors both among participants and knowledge leaders. The learning journey involves hands-on training on how to use wiki platforms, what are the rules and editing techniques. Most of the learning happens through games and editing sessions where most of kids learn from their peers, experienced wikipedians.

The whole learning process is led by young experienced educators who have years of experience of editing in Wikipedia and other wiki projects. Not only do our knowledge leaders pass on their knowledge and techniques but tend to turn the experience of free content generation into a cool and a fun activity.

The cost of WikiCamp is AMD 150,000 for 10 days. We provide transfer from Yerevan to
Aghveran with return, accommodation at resort house in Aghveran, all meals, all wiki and non wiki lessons, games, activities and entertainment.

For the last 4 years WikiCamp has been educating kids and youngsters from all corners of Armenia with 650 alumnus who continue friendship and editing on Wiki. This year we also hosted wiki editors from US, Poland, Lebanon and Georgia.

Please visit to complete your registration or simply use the link below.

Also, call at +374 93 118800

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