Parking in Yerevan


If you’ve got a car, you’re going to have to park it at some point. Here is are some quick tips about how you can park your car and avoid any parking tickets!

Stay within the red dotted lines

Street parking is designated by the red dotted lines so when you have to park your car on the street, make sure it’s between the red dotted lines. If you’re outside the red lines, you can get a ticket. . Park within those and you’re

You’ve got five minutes

If you only need to park for a moment to load your groceries, pick someone up or drop them off, or make a delivery, you’ve got five free minutes of parking.


After your first five minutes, you have to pay. You can pay for parking a number of different ways and for different lengths of time. If you’re going driving around a lot, consider purchasing the monthly or yearly plan to avoid having to purchase parking every time you need it.


Up to 1 hour: 100 AMD
All-day: 500 AMD
Weekly: 1000 AMD
Monthly: 2000 AMD
Yearly: 12000 AMD

How to pay

  1. Cash payment terminal (Telcell, MegaPay) (charges 200 AMD)

  2. Internet Payment System (iDRAM, Mobidram)

  3. Banks on account (900015211593 by mentioning your vehicle’s license plate number in the field ‘’Aim’’)

  4. Online (ArCA, Virtual ArCA, MasterCard, IDRAM)

  5. Via SMS by following these steps

  • For 1 hour - Text “00xx000” (license plate number) to 1045

  • For 1 day -  Text “00xx000” (license plate number) to 5045

Payment terms

If paying with your phone, your time starts when you receive a message. You will get  cautionary message during five minutes before the deadline passes.

Payment for one day is in force from the payment time until the next day at the same time (i.e. 24 hours).

If you pay for one year, your parking payment will be in effect until December 31 of the payment year.

Parking after-hours

Always check signage first but parking between midnight and 9AM is free throughout the city. So, if you need to park your car overnight (within the red dotted lines), no problem - just make sure to get your car out of there by 9AM so you don’t get fined!


If you don’t pay for parking and are cited by parking enforcement, you can be liable for a penalty of up to 5000 AMD.

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