Repat Stories

September 27, 2016

Vlad Babayan

Vlad Babayan is an unusual case for a repatriate. He moved here halfway through his studies, at the ...

A Slice of Armenia

October 27, 2016

Life in One of the Safest Countries on the Planet

-Where are you from? -Armenia. -Albania? -No, Armenia… -Romania??? -No, Armenia, a small coun...

In the News

October 23, 2016

The First FinTech Hackathon in Armenia

On October28-29, Dilijan Training and Research Center will host the first FinTech hackaton in Armeni...

Programs and Events

October 15, 2016

join IDeA's campaign for Syrian Armenians

The IDeA Foundation made a statement on Syrian Armenians today: “The IDeA Foundation wishes to ...

Moving Forward

October 27, 2016

15 Teens From Berd Attend Tumo Dilijan

Fifteen teens from the border region of Berd will be provided with transportation to attend Tumo Dil...

Career Opportunities

October 27, 2016

Technical Support Specialist at Monitis

ORGANIZATION: Monitis CJSC TITLE: Technical Support Specialist TERM: Full time OPEN TO/ELIGIBILIT...