10th anniversary of Ayb Club and Foundation
The 10th Anniversary of One of the Best Educational Institutions in Armenia

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Today marks the 10th birth anniversary of Ayb Club and Ayb Educational Foundation’s vision.

“Ten years ago this day, concerned about our country’s welfare and the future of our children, eight individuals, who consider their own accomplishments to be a result of their education, came together in a common desire to create a lasting thing, and so decided to create Ayb.

Today Ayb Club unites 37 like-minded members from different corners of the world, who consciously invest their finances, time and expertise to contribute to the Ayb Foundation’s programs. While the list of Ayb’s sponsors is comprised of nearly 200 benefactors, sponsors, donors, and supporters from different countries.

Within its 10 years of operation the Ayb Foundation has brought over 22 programs and initiatives to fruition. They have become prototypes and have helped further the general development of Armenia’s education system. Each program realized by Ayb has aimed to test one component of education or another in real time, identify both its strong and weak sides, improve it, contributing to the quality of education in a practical way, and set it as a high but achievable new benchmark.

In ten years, the Ayb Foundation has fundraised and devoted USD 13.047.942 toward the bettering and furthering of education…


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