Kevork Shadoyan
" is hard to find a job in Armenia, but for hard workers there are no closed doors".

| From Aleppo, Syria | Moved in 2001

Armenian fashion designer Kevork Shadoyan from Aleppo creates all clothing, including the design of materials, by himself. These completely handmade creations takes three weeks to make. Kevork`s father was a tailor in Aleppo and the young man fell in love with working with clothing in his teenage years. He had his own designer school in Aleppo. Kevork was very well known in the area and was even once invited to Saudi Arabia to design the dowry clothes for one of the princesses there.  For four months, together with forty Indian workers, he designed and made almost forty dresses for her. After schooling and practice he decided to bring his workmanship to the homeland and settled down in Armenia.  Kevork always wanted to come to Armenia to learn the history and create traditional Armenian clothes. Finally he moved in 2001; he studied at the National Academy of Arts and has been living in Armenia since.

The uniqueness of Aleppo-Armenian Kevork Shadoyan’s work is in the combination of old and new, of traditional Armenian and none Armenian elements, of well known and unknown. Being born and raised in the Middle East, having done his traineeship in Europe and US, he still distinguishes and loves Armenian culture.  Kevork constantly repeats that it is hard to find a job in Armenia, but for hard workers there are no closed doors.

Shadoyan, whose name has now become a brand, has many goals for the future; one of them is to present Armenia to the world by combining traditional Armenian and modern styles.

Posted byTranslated by Kristina Grigoryan
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