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Check Our Full Repatriation Guide In 3 Languages
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Check Our Full Repatriation Guide In 3 Languages
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  • Thoughts
    After a devastating nine-month blockade, Azerbaijan launched a full-scale on the peaceful population of Artsakh, leading to their forced displacement. More than 100,000 refugees sought shelter in Armenia, facing an uncertain future.
  • Repat Story
    Armenia's healthcare system has radically transformed since its independence in 1991. One healthcare practitioner who has played a pivotal role in this evolution is Dr. Lucy Karahagopian, an MD specializing in dermatology, cosmetology, and trichology. Her journey from the Armenian diaspora to her homeland exemplifies the potential of repatriation to shape Armenia's healthcare landscape.
  • Tips
    In the wake of the 2020 war, Armenia saw the emergence of private military volunteer units dedicated to bolstering the nation's defenses and empowering its people. Two prominent organizations at the forefront of this movement are VOMA and Azatazen.
  • Repat Story
    In a world that constantly experiences migrations and relocations, Tatevik Gevorgyan's remarkable journey showcases the profound bond between an individual and their roots. Born and raised in Armenia, Tatevik's journey has taken her through various twists and turns, ultimately leading her back to the place she calls home.
  • Thoughts
    In a world marked by unprecedented uncertainty, Armenia stands at a crossroads. The recent ethnic cleansing of Artsakh has shaken the nation, and the ongoing challenges facing Armenia add to the uncertainty. Yet, amid these trying times, a question emerges: Why should one consider repatriating to Armenia in the face of such uncertainty? To shed light on this matter, we turn to the insights of two individuals with a lot to say on the matter— Vartan Marashlyan, Repat Armenia Foundation’s Director, and Sevan Kabakian, Birthright Armenia’s Country Director.
  • Repat Story
    In a world often defined by chaos and uncertainty, the stories of those who dedicate their lives to creating positive change shine like beacons of hope. Enter Araz Chiloyan Janbazian and Rupen Janbazian, a couple whose commitment to service, resilience in the face of adversity, and shared love have woven a narrative that inspires.
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Upcoming Events
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    Meet&Greet: Artsakh Support NGOs
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