Artsakh Support Repat/Expat Initiatives List
  • Haik Kazarian is a repat from Canada living in Armenia since 2018. Within Transparent Armenia Charitable Foundation - Թափանցիկ Բարեգործություն ՀԿ they provided humanitarian aid to over 40,000 displaced families. These includes food, hygiene, clothes, medicine, and other essentials with over $180,000 raised funds.

  • Araz Sahakian is a repat from Lebanon living in Armenia since 2016. Araz and her team created the All for Armenia NGO, that continues supporting families from Artsakh and wounded soldiers with humanitarian aid (food, warm clothes, first aid materials)

  • David Tonoyan is a diasporan Armenian from Moscow who is actively supporting our army providing technical equipment as well as mobilizing Armenian community in Moscow. 

  • Elina Hayrapetyan is a diasporan Armenian from Moscow and the leader of the Association of the Armenian Youth in Moscow. Elina is supporting the displaced families with humanitarian aid as well as covering rent payments of these families. 

  • Lilo and Monica Condes are expats from Columbia. They were providing humanitarian aid for the first two months to the families, then started a separate Baby Care Project distributing baby packages to the families from Artsakh with babies from 6 to 12 months old. 

  • Vahe Keushguerian is a repat from the USA, the co-founder of Impact Hub Yerevan and the founder of Wineworks. Since the first days of the war in Artsakh, he started the Project Hope initiative that provides shelter, food, education, social services, and recreation for Artsakh families both in Yerevan and outside. 

  • Sevana Tchakerian is a repat from France living in Armenia since 2015. She joined efforts with a group of musicians and Nexus Center for the Arts and they are still visiting the Artsakh kids outside to give music workshops. 

  • Nanor Balabanian is a repat from the USA who moved to Armenia a day before the war. Nanor is still active, providing education support to the displaced kids  (online tutoring/teaching English and other classes),  dog therapy + books for soldiers project. 

  • Lucineh Kassarjian is a repat from the USA. She was leading an initiative called BerkaZoraHavak which was aimed to help families whose fathers and sons have left their crops and fields unattended in order to protect our country from azeri and turkish aggression. They were finding the families who were in need and mobilizing volunteers to collect the crop. 

  • Kazar Abramovich Akopyan is a repat from Russia living in Armenia since 2014. The Street Workout Federation of Armenia with Kazar’s leadership initiated a collection point in Children's Park of humanitarian aid (hygiene items, cigarettes, water (bottled), sweets, blankets, sleeping bags) to support our soldiers. 

  • Teny Avakian is a repat from the USA who moved to Armenia in 2009. Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer was organizing free activities and games for children displaced by the war at Tumo park football field 3 times a week. 

  • Dr. Fouad Reda is a Lebanese repat who is working for SlavMed as Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgeon. He was engaged in medical support of Artsakh hospitals and surgeons on the front line and worked on sending an ambulatory Operating Room Car to Artsakh. 

  • Zepiur Mirzaians Chahrozian has joined efforts with the Armenian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and The Children's Support Centre supported by (FAR). They were implementing the Artsakh Family Support Program. 

  • Michael Avetikian is a repat from Canada who moved to Armenia a year ago. From the first days of the war in Artsakh, they organized a charitable foundation "Armenian Food Bank", which collected and bought food, clothes, medications and other humanitarian aid to support the Artsakh families, as well as to support soldiers and veterans of the Armenian Army. 

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