Imagine Armenia Lebanon Event Program
Repat Armenia's #ImagineArmeniaLebanon forum specifically designed for Armenians living in Lebanon
On June 6th and 7th, RepatArmenia hosted its first online “Imagine Armenia” forum specifically designed for Armenians living in Lebanon.

The goal of the event was to have interactive sessions about pre-repatriation opportunities and repatriation-related processes, receive practical and useful information from our panelists who are ready to share their personal and professional experiences related to the process of making the move to Armenia. 30+ panelists were repatriates from Lebanon, USA, Canada, Russia, and the UAE, as well as representatives of Armenia’s relevant public institutions.
Seven separate sessions were organized over the 2-day forum.The language used was both Western and Eastern Armenian.

DAY 1 #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

1. ''Repatriation Challenges and Opportunities'' panel discussion #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

2. ''Budgeting for Repatriation'' panel discussion #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

3. ''Belongings and Status in Armenia'' panel discussion #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

DAY 2 #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

4. ''Real Estate In Armenia'' panel discussion #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

5. ''Education in Armenia'' panel discussion #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

6. ''Healthcare in Armenia'' panel discussion #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

7. ''Do's and Don'ts in Armenia'' panel discussion #ImagineArmeniaLebanon

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