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A diasporan never forgets the day of landing in Armenia as a repatriate
Six years and twenty-five days ago... A սփիւռքահայ never forgets the day of landing in Armenia as a “repatriate”. 

04.08.2014 was the day I bought a one-way ticket. Today, for the whole day I thought of this, the gains ONLY....


📕A masters degree 
📕The Valedictorian of 2016, representing AUA and Armenia in Los Angeles.
📕Another masters degree in process.
📕Five years as a lecturer at Yerevan State University and still going on ...
📕Two years as a language teacher at the American University of Armenia.  
📕Two years as Abd AlAziz Saud Al-Babtain Center Director at YSU (Thanks to the head of our department Hayk). 
📕An honorary “Thank You Letter” from YSU. 
📕One year at Idea Foundation.
📕Projects with Zangi, Aurora, Hamazkayin and many others. 
📕Represented YSU in four countries.
📕Tutored and “still” many bright individuals. 
📕Tens of trainings and diplomas. 
📕An enriching Western Armenian language project with my colleagues and friends Marat and Anna and Gyulbenkian Foundation.
📙Ruski is still not going well, on the other hand, improved my French, Spanish and Turkish. And just finished the Dakota Language course. 
📕A poem of Charents translated by my colleague Mariam and me and available at his house-museum.
📕A year of teaching in Yeghegnadzor.
📕An editor and a proofreader of three books.
📕Lots of interpretation and translation projects. 
📕Many language related projects with my genius little brother Ara (ok and songs). 
📕Two years at Ghoghanj Center working with insecure children .
📕📚📚📚A  B O O K with my colleague and friend Sona. (One is published and the rest are on the way) and many other projects to follow.


📗A physical home 
📗A virtual home aka, my friends here. 
📘A firm relationship with 50+ people starting from classmates, colleagues, students and ending with waiters in cafes I frequently visit. 
📗Explored 29 countries (COVID ruined this year’s plans). 
📗3000+ Instagram Posts 
📗A few unsuccessful lo#e stories. 
📘Lots of written stories to be assembled in a book.
📕The wedding Godfather of my brother and his wife.
📗Two fights with taxi drivers, one ended in the police station.

A P P R E C I A T I O N . G R A T I T U D E .  L O V E 

Repost from Setrag Hovsepian
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