Nazareth Seferian
#RepatTips: Benefits of Raising Children in Armenia
Nazareth Seferian (repat from India, 1998) is a Freelance Consultant in business and social entrepreneurship areas. He shares his #repattips on #raisingchildren in #Armenia that can be useful for potential repatriate families.
👉0:00 Highlights
👉0:48 Introduction
👉1:43 Challenges of Raising Children in Armenia
👉3:18 Access to Quality Education and Healthcare
👉5:06 Overcoming Language Barriers
👉6:16 After School Activities for Your Children
👉7:43 How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child in Armenia?
👉10:12 Is It Secure in Armenia?
👉11:15 Integration of Children Living Outside of Armenia
👉12:44 Competitiveness
👉14:23 Social Responsibility and Community service. Volunteering
👉15:48 Gender Challenges
👉17:47 Military Service in Armenia
Special thanks and credits to videographers👏
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