With Armenians in Beirut #LebanonBlast
We are glad to see that the Government has taken a lead

Dear community, friends, and supporters, 

Yesterday, a group of repatriates publicly addressed several suggestions to the Government of RA for immediate actions to assist both the country of Lebanon in this day of grave crisis in a gesture of friendship, and the Armenian community in Beirut.

We are glad to see that the Government has taken a lead on one of them, which is to launch an online fundraising campaign IMMEDIATELY through Hayastan Global Armenian Fund for humanitarian assistance to the Armenian community in Beirut. 

The Hayastan Global Armenian Fund has launched the “Urgent support to Lebanese-Armenians” fundraising campaign. All funds raised will be directed to the most urgent needs of Lebanese-Armenians.

Armenian Relief Society has also launched a campaign called “Save A Life in Lebanon’’ to provide food for families in the local Armenian community.

AGBU Humanitarian Relief Fund for Lebanese Armenians will be put to work immediately to offer emergency aid and assistance for those who’ve been affected by the blast.

We encourage the Armenian repatriates’ community members and our friends to actively engage - donate and spread the word by sharing among your acquaintances, community and social media followers. 

Meanwhile, we call on the Government of RA to address the other suggestions made by our community members, which include:

- Collect information about Lebanese-Armenians who would like to go to Beirut from Yerevan in order to assist friends and families in overcoming the worst of the crisis, or bring them back to Armenia; currently, the flights are only once a week, on Tuesdays.

- Have the Armenian Embassy in Lebanon proactively collect information about Lebanese Armenians (citizens/residents of Armenia) who would like to return to Armenia. Organize FREE charter flights for those who are ready to return to Armenia at the moment and were waiting to be able to do so.

- Expedite the process of receiving residency or citizenship, offering it for free, ensuring those looking to obtain legal status may do so with relative ease within the following weeks. Obtain information on who is ready to make the move in order to organize future charter flights. 

- Simplify the rules of the now extended State of Emergency concerning flights, allowing those with documents proving Armenian ethnicity to fly in. 

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