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Armenia's Business and Investment Landscape For June-July 2021
Developments in Armenia for the past several weeks are overwhelming fueled from US-EU-Arab Countries:

- EU to invest 2.600.000.000 EUR in Armenia 2021-2025 covering assistance to 30.000 businesses, infrastructure and development programs in Syunik province, 700.000.000 EUR for road construction from Artashat to Meghri, etc: https://bit.ly/3xHPeTM

- European Union has given green light for Armenia to be in the common EU aviation space which fully opens up EU air transport market to Armenia: https://bit.ly/3kn7Qom

- Czech Balus Tech has officially proposed to reconstruct Stepanavan airport and launch small airplanes manufacturing in the city: https://bit.ly/3B62zYg

- UAE giant Masdar signed the agreement to invest $174.000.000 in Armenia to build biggest 200 MW solar power plant in the region: https://bit.ly/3AYB0Qm

- Air Arabia and ANIF launch Armenian low cost airlines to fly to the EU and Gulf countries: https://bit.ly/3ibnFf8

- Lufthansa, Condor, Eurowings airlines enter the Armenian market connecting Yerevan to major German cities: https://bit.ly/3ickGD3

- New national low cost airlines has signed to be created FlyOne Armenia: https://bit.ly/2VFpNUB

- Bees Ukranian low cost airlines enter Armenia connecting Kiev, Odessa and Yerevan for as low as 50 EUR, Wizz Air relaunch its flights Vienna-Yerevan for as low as 27 EUR.

Yerevan has now brand new police with 770 newly recruited patrol policemen: https://bit.ly/3zeqIKv. New police in other parts of the country by the end of 2022.

- Armenian Start-up Inspace has received $6.000.000 of investments. Another Armenian Start-up SuperAnnotate has received $14.500.000 investments: https://bit.ly/2Tag0VK

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