Repat Armenia Statement
New Strategic Collaboration between Repat Armenia and H.Hovnanian Foundation

Since its founding in 2012, Repat Armenia has been at the forefront of promoting the idea of repatriation as a strategic development direction for Armenia, and has engaged tens of thousands of Armenians around the world interested in the concept of repatriation and greater engagement with Armenia. This next era of growth for Armenia, in the context of growing economic, political and social complexity in relations between states (especially those with large Armenian populations), makes Repat Armenia’s role and potential even more important. As such, the new collaboration between Repat Armenia and H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, Repat will  have the ability to now expand its efforts dedicated to improving Diaspora engagement and the many avenues to repatriation, and to creating a stronger and broader platform to meet these new challenges. 

H. Hovnanian Foundation, the founding benefactor of many charitable organizations as well as the provider of a large number of scholarships, has an impressive portfolio of assistance provided to Armenian communities worldwide. Today, the Foundation is known well for its generous provision of gifts, grants, contributions, and program-related investments. In Armenia, they are dedicated to fully supporting such programs as Birthright Armenia, Armenian Volunteer Corps, HIKEArmenia, and HIVE Ventures. As such, Repat Armenia Foundation is honored to accept members of the Hovnanian Foundation as part of its board. The new board is composed of: Edele Hovnanian as the newly elected Chairperson of the board, Artashes Shirikyan, Avetik Chalabyan, Linda Yepoyan and Raffi Kassarjian as board members. 

The MoU between both foundations was signed for a five-year term, with the mission and vision of Repat Armenia at the forefront. The programs available through Repat Armenia will be more streamlined and provide more impact for newcomers and established repatriates alike. The five main countries Repat Armenia will be more proactive in targeting include Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Canada, and the United States of America, engaging the community more frequently in different projects. Finally, there will be more emphasis on completing the draft law on repatriation, allowing for a more efficient public-private partnership. 

The H. Hovnanian Foundation’s collaboration with Repat Armenia Foundation lays the groundwork for fruitful endeavors both on the social and legal fronts as all parties strive to create a more seamless and informed repatriation process.

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