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Repat Armenia encourages its community to only follow official channels, government channels in particular

As all are aware at this point, as of around midday on Sunday, the border skirmishes have continued with short breaks in between. The first night saw only a 2h peace before shelling resumed. As of 15:00 on July 15, many hours have passed since the tension was reduced, with reports stating it has been mostly peaceful overnight and this morning. To date, we have four deaths, and a handful of wounded. More information about the situation here

Unfortunately, with any such situation, misinformation is commonly spread with ease, inciting turmoil and panic among the population. News agencies begin creating sensational headlines to increase views and clicks, hackers gain access to accounts, and confusion abounds. As such, Repat Armenia encourages its community to only follow official channels, government channels in particular. Since Facebook is a huge resource to obtain the latest news, we recommend only two pages in particular:

Artsrun Hovhannisyan, the Head of Command and Staff Faculty at the Military University named after Vazgen Sargsyan, currently in Tavush. 
Shushan Stepanyan, the Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of the RA

Furthermore, the official Armenian government websites and social media pages are the only relevant news sources, including that of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Defense, and the pages for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ARM Unified InfoCenter Telegram channel is also quick in offering updated information as they become available. For up to date information on the situation in Artsakh at the same time, please follow their official government website and the Press Secretary of the Government of Artsakh:
Vahram Poghosyan

Since the Azerbaijani side enjoys creating Armenian and Russian fake news channels, sites to be wary of are included here. Also, be wary of dates on news articles being spread on social media alongside checking whether the originator is a fake or real account. For photos, please do a google search to see whether it’s real or taken from an entirely unrelated event. You can right click on the photo and click on the link to do a Google search for it. YouTube DataViewer will come in handy for fact checking any videos that might be spread falsely. 

News sites you may follow freely are:


During this time period, there are rules you should follow yourself, even if you are privy to information that others may not be aware of. These include:
- Not sharing information about the movement of Armeian soldiers, plans, strategies, etc. Do not even talk about this on the phone. No details, whatsoever!
- No information on calls received from the frontlines, or even other military bases around the country and Artsakh. Phone lines can be hacked.
- Do not share anything with anyone asking questions online, unless it’s from official channels mentioned earlier.

Source: infocheck.am

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