Repat Armenia encourages its community to only follow official and reliable sources
Today, November 16, Azerbaijani forces launched the large-scale offensive since the last year's war. It was stopped at 6.30 pm. according to the agreement reached through the mediation of Russia. Twelve Armenian servicemen were captured, one contract soldier was killed. The enemy has a large loss of manpower, several units of military equipment have been destroyed or taken out of service. 
Please be aware that during this period, misinformation is commonly spread with ease by the enemy. Repat Armenia encourages its community to ONLY follow and spread official and reliable sources of information: 

Ministry of Defence and Twitter account;
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Twitter account
- The Armenian Unified Info Center on Facebook and Telegram 
- Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan's Twitter

Other sources that you may follow are:
- Zartonk Media and its Instagram page with constant updates
- civilnet.am
- panarmenian.net
- armenpress.am 
- News.am
- EVNreport, its Twitter and Telegram
- hetq.am

Since the Azerbaijani side enjoys creating Armenian and Russian fake news channels, sites to be wary of are included here. Also, be wary of dates on news articles being spread on social media alongside checking whether the originator is a fake or real account. For photos, please do a google search to see whether it’s real or taken from an entirely unrelated event. You can right click on the photo and click on the link to do a Google search for it. YouTube DataViewer will come in handy for fact checking any videos that might be spread falsely. 

Please remember, there are rules you should follow yourself and inform others to do so.
- DO NOT share information about the movement of Armenian soldiers, plans, strategies, etc. Do not even talk about this on the phone. No details, whatsoever!
- DO NOT spread any misinformation. Even if the audio-video is recorded in Armenian, it is not enough to trust. The enemy can easily speak our language.
- DO NOT pass any information on calls received from the frontlines, or even other military bases around Armenia and Artsakh. Phone lines can be hacked and we can receive phone calls, messages from Azerbaijani numbers and Internet accounts. 
- DO NOT share anything with anyone asking questions online, unless it’s from official channels mentioned earlier.

#SyunikStrong #ArmeniaStrong 

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