#SahmanStrong campaign in support of high-quality bunker construction in the region

Dear community and friends,
As you all know at this point, Armenia witnessed another escalation in tensions at her border in July. Once again, our soldiers brilliantly controlled the situation, a proud feat followed by the support of Armenians from all over the world. Thankfully, no civilians were killed during the direct disregard for a ceasefire, and our villagers in Tavush, just like our soldiers, are standing strong on our lands. Despite all this, the crucial need for a systematic solution for keeping our villagers safe in such crises has become ever more apparent. We don’t have any illusions about our neighbors’ intentions, and our population’s safety is paramount.

A group of repatriates (George Tabakian, Vartan Marashlyan and Hrach Jaghatspanian) has launched the #SahmanStrong campaign in support of high-quality bunker construction in the region. The aim of the campaign is to gather the funds ($15,000) for this demanding project, setting up a bunker within the border, in coordination with Tavush Marzpetaran (Regional Administration) and Pahapan Foundation. Kicking off the campaign will be a live event right from the border, within one of the previously constructed bunkers, on August 3 at 6 PM (GMT+4).

We call all on our friends and supporters to become a part of this initiative, as YOUR input can save lives; your support WILL make a difference, with 100% of the funds received redirected to the construction of proper and high-quality bunkers. Donate for the protection of our compatriots. Donate for #SahmanStrong!

Join us NOW using the hashtag #SahmanStrong when transferring your assistance directly to Pahapan Foundation (https://www.pahapan.org/en/donation/ ) with the #SahmanStrong hashtag.
For donors in the U.S., you can contribute through our partner Birthright Armenia Paypal account - https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=CV6M734XA828E using the #SahmanStrong hashtag.

Photo: Humans of Tavush by @Narek Aleksanyan, Hetq.

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