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The ''Armenia Works for You'' facility is a Repat Armenia initiative to help with the employment process during and after your move. We have both a “supply side” to recruiting (available positions and hiring managers) and a “demand side” – Repats and potential Repats looking for employment in Armenia.

RAF works on helping speed up and improve the employment process by matchmaking candidates with corresponding jobs. We are happy to assist both those who are planning to move to Armenia but are still living in Diaspora, as well as those who have recently moved to Armenia.

Our key working partners include Cascade Consultants, Ginosi Apartels, Job Finder HR Company,, Betconstruct, Ameriabank, Teach for Armenia, SME DNC, Globbing LLC, Union of IT Enterprises, Armenian Pharmaceutical Company’s and Producers Union, Impact Hub members, IDeA Foundation, HDIF, One Armenia, UNHCR, Save the Children, World Vision, TUMO, PicsArt, ArmTab, and many others.


Exploring opportunities – Contact us if you want to have an overview of opportunities in particular sector, we are able to link you with the relevant sector companies, successful repatriates and HR resources.

Providing information – Send in your CV/Resume to our Integration Manager at [email protected]. Indicate your salary expectation, potential employment areas and when you are planning to move.

Visiting our office – We are ready to spend 15-20 minutes on having a full assessment of your needs in Armenia, including integration, legal, housing, education and business start-up promotion/support. Visits to the office are limited due to our location so always call/email beforehand and book a time slot between 11am and 5pm on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Replying to emails - We ask you to reply to our regular emails, confirming your status (employed, interviewed, no contacts with employers)

Subscribe to our newsletters – In order to be better informed about all that we are doing to help you in your integration process, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Filling in our assessment form – If you find a job please let us know as soon as possible as it would be good to have feedback on our services. Furthermore, once you have a chance, please fill out our assessment form.


Actively searching for jobs –Once we receive your CV/resume, it is filed appropriately and sent to our partners (HR companies, key employers, successful repatriates) when we find a position meets your profile.  When there is a suitable position they will contact you directly, though it would also be a great option for you to have your cover letter and CV/resume mailed with the integration manager CC’d for best results. This allows us to learn about your preferred positions and companies as well, while giving us a chance to follow up with said companies.

Keeping you informed – we organize sector-oriented job fairs in cooperation with industry unions, and companies. We also email you with any other opportunities, as well as linking you directly, if not directly organized by us, through our calendar. If you are interested in specialized training/courses (Eastern Armenian/Russian, professional training), please inform us directly.

Assisting after you are employed - If you have questions related to labor relations in the company or organization you are employed in, do not hesitate to contact us; we will try to provide you with support. To know your rights about doing work in Armenia, you can visit employment in Armenia

Offering a Network - One of the major roles we have in your move is the provision of a network of like-minded people who understand your decision and your struggles, along with your sheer joy. You need never feel alone in your move.


Note: If you have the opportunity to keep your income sources within the countries you are moving from, it would be wise to do so until you can get back on your feet. Cost of living in Armenia is low, and an outside salary would keep you afloat for a good while.

Please make sure you are always checking the following HR companies’ websites for employment opportunities.

It’s also useful to keep checking organizations’ direct websites. If you find an appropriate vacancy, contact us. Should we be familiar with the organization, we will go directly to the HR with your resume and contact information.

While finding a full time job is certainly a priority, there are many online options to look into as well. Whether you speak English, Russian, Spanish, French, or any other language, here is a list of sites you may check out to find supplementary or primary forms of employment while you live in Armenia:

Russian English X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

If you would like to read up on interesting articles related to the business world and your careers, you may visit any of these pages as well:

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