How to Effectively Apply for a Job and Get Shortlisted For The Beginners

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Although qualifications and experience are a major part in the hiring process, a good resume is required to get you shortlisted for the job interview.
When the recruiters receive resumes, the first thing they will look at is the email address of the applicant. Your email address should be professional, such as “[email protected]” or a similar domain. Often recruiters get emails from applicants with email addresses such as “[email protected]” or other more disturbing names. This is a big no. Therefore, before starting to write a resume, create a professional email address. Then, search for some resume samples and choose the format and the style which highlights your strengths and achievements. Your resume must include a brief summary about your profession, your experience background, your educational background, languages and skills.
Most recruiters prefer resumes in the English language, especially when they mention within the job announcement that “fluent or proficient in English” is a requirement. It would not make any sense to send in a resume in another language at this point.
Now your resume is ready and you can apply for jobs. Your resume should be followed by a cover letter, mentioning the position you are applying for and the job portal from whence you were informed about the announcement. After sending in your resume, you should wait for about 2 weeks. If you have not heard from the employer at this point, send them a follow-up email. This shows that you are interested in the job and have taken it seriously. If your qualifications match the requirements of the job, you are most likely to be shortlisted and be given the chance of interview.
You should prepare yourself for the interview. First, research the company you have applied to and get to know what they are specialized in. Obtain as much knowledge as you can beforehand. This helps to alleviate your stress. It is also recommended that you review typical job interview questions, practicing your own answers. Important Tip: you have to be on time. Do not go too early or too late. Recruiters plan their day and the interviews accordingly. If you arrive too early, you will most likely have to wait your turn. If you arrive late, you will also wait until they finish the other interviews before getting back to you. First impressions count. Don’t waste it.
During the interview, try to stay calm. The key to an effective interview is to show confidence and your ability to share examples of your skills and qualifications. At the end of the interview, ask questions regarding the working hours, the job responsibilities, your starting date, etc. It is good to also ask questions about the company itself. Research good questions to ask, as the internet is full of gems in this regard. After the interview, it is preferable to send a thank you email to the recruiter/employer. Thank them for their time to have interviewed you and that you are looking forward to your future collaborations. Now that you have passed the first stage of the interview, it’s time to back off and wait for a call for a second interview.
If you have not received any calls or even an email within 2 weeks, you may write them a follow up email asking about your standing position. In the end, the candidate with the best qualifications and the one who was honestly able to impress the interviewing team will get the job.

Written by Maria Daghlian
HR Specialist in Armenia

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